Quinoa Tortillas [Paleo.Gluten Free.Dairy Free.Vegan]

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Quinoa Tortillas [Paleo.Gluten Free.Dairy Free.Vegan]Alison shows you how to make grain free tortillas using 3 ingredients- Quinoa, coconut oil, and salt. You can make the batter in your Vitamix, Magic Bullet, …


HealthNutNation says:

Just in case you don’t see the link to the written recipe above, here it
is: http://healthnutnation.com/2014/07/28/quinoa-tortillas/

bethanyyy1 says:


HealthNutNation says:

I’ve wanted to share my recipe for Quinoa Tortilla’s with you for months
now. Enjoy!

Claudia Garcia says:

love it love it love it ; – )

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