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prettydaysies prefers #5 + PLUS important summer filming schedule change! | prettydaysiesWednesday, July 9, 2014 hey everyone! i have one favorite to show you this week… but please stick around for my summer filming schedule update during the s…


Ndlondon83 says:

So glad you are enjoying the NutriBullet! I have a green smoothie most
mornings and add a cup each of spinach, arugula and kale. If you’re feeling
adventurous, try adding kale and arugula-they are so good for you. Hope
PiYo is going well! (Lisa Revord from PiYo group)

Susan Marie says:

I love my NutriBullet 900 especially now that I’m trying to lose the
weight! Love my green smoothies and this makes it super convenient!
Thanks for sharing Kathleen! 🙂 Susan

suzan1mal says:

I should have looked up the price of the NutraBullet 900 series when I saw
it a few days ago on HSN as a special value- $114 AND a $20 HSN credit.
Kicking myself for not getting it! I want something that is less
intimidating than my VitaMix. I don’t like making huge batches of green
drink like my DH does. I like making small fresh batches and it’s not as
convenient with my 48 oz VitaMix container. I’d rather blend and go. Glad
to hear your review of it! 

Marisa Mitchell says:

I love seeing how excited you get over new purchases! It always makes me

It’s not a gimmick, you are totally correct on the finer chopping helping
your body absorb nutrients when digesting. Not sure if I told you my hubby
Mitch had to have almost all of his intestines removed due to his illness.
The nutritionist told him to chew his food extra, basically breaking it
down as much as possible before swallowing it, so his intestines that are
left might have a chance to absorb some of what he’s eating. Basically, the
smaller what you eat is, the more your intestines can absorb before it
leaves the body.

Do you find that your breakfast replacement smoothie keeps you
full/satisfied enough until you eat lunch?

Please don’t worry at all about changing around your schedule. You work so
hard & put so much effort into making your videos, you deserve to do what
easiest for you. I’ll keep watching no matter what the schedule is. xoxo

Marienkaefer4 says:

Now that I saw this video, I want a Nutra Bullet! LOL No worries here. I
appreciate all the time you take out of your busy schedule!

Loopy Land says:

it’s your channel babe, you do whatever suits you :)

Djloveshair39 . says:

I have that. I need to use mine more often 

bluetopaz18 says:

Since I don’t make videos (one of the very few that don’t..I just watch), I
can take a break whenever I’d like. But I do understand that you need to
change up your schedule. Whatever works for you, will work for us! Good
video, and congrats on your continuing success with your weight loss
journey. Debbie :)

Beauty2Shoozzz says:

You are looking great K! I am so glad you like the Nutri Bullet… I will
be using my Magic Bullet this weekend for the first time! Thanks for
sharing your thoughts with us!!! xx’s

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