Pre/Post workout idea & preparing for trips out

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Pre/Post workout idea & preparing for trips outJust a couple of ideas for you all to try when heading out of the door for a workout that isn’t local. I would like to thank you all so much for your support so far through this journey its…


Luke Sumner-Wilson says:
sdong says:

keep it up bro

vir aurelianus says:

ehy luke i’m drinking a bulk powders shake right now, it’s whey chocolate
cookies and it is completely disgusting. i feel like vomiting. what’s your
favorite taste of it? 

djcm9 says:

Another top video Luke! Please keep them coming. Is a BCAA intra drink
vital to a work out?? I don’t drink one in my workouts right now and was
thinking about starting to. I take the bulk powders BCAA tablets 3 times a
day currently

Patrick Salangsang says:


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