Peachy Coconut Dream Green Smoothie – Nutribullet

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Peachy Coconut Dream Green Smoothie - NutribulletPeachy Coconut Dream Green Smoothie Handful of spinach 3/4 cups grapes 1 cup sliced peaches Coconut water to the fill line.


hawbydawg says:

This looks really good. The grapes have been so sweet here too (Texas in
June). I watched a video of yours a while back where you added oatmeal and
now I’m making all my shakes with it. It’s so good that it makes me think
it’s not healthy…lol.

I also tried the coconut water, but couldn’t really taste anything. It is
nice and convenient though. Next I’ve got some organic brown flax seed to
try. Love your vids. TFS

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