Nutribullet Smoothies Dangerous?

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Nutribullet Smoothies Dangerous?Are Nutribullet smoothies dangerous? That’s what one of my viewers recently asked me and that’s what I’ll be answering in this video.


cj9535 says:

Thanks Yuri For´╗┐ These Uploads ­čÖé

pinksunnysea says:

I love watching your´╗┐ videos : ) They’re very educating and four of information

7llazaren says:

There is a informercial out now, with David´╗┐ Wolfe promoting the Nutribullet…

jdprescott82 says:

whats up with your brows´╗┐

jdprescott82 says:

im a jerk´╗┐ sorry bro

dignansgirl says:

Yuri, I heard from a physician Dr. Esselysten that when you´╗┐ break up the fruit content in a smoothie, the sugar molecules break down into frutose which isnt a good sugar and is bad for the liver and can be the cause of non alcoholics liver cirrhosis. He has a good video on youtube on how to reverse heart disease. I still dont know if what he says is true but makes me think twice before have fruit smoothies. Although i still consume them. Whats your opinion on his theory?

pinksunnysea says:

You have an interesting name where are´╗┐ you from?????

pinksunnysea says:

What I meant to say was Very educational and full of´╗┐ Great information

Alena Pietrzak says:

1/2 cup fruit= 15 gr. sugar, so if you drink or eat a lot fruits sugar will raise your blood sugar level up. over time you damage pancreas … Diabetes 2 is epidemic. My daughter´╗┐ got Diabetes and dr. told her only 1/2 cup fruit on portion… make sense??? we nedd vitamin C 1 large kiwi will give us Vit. C for whole day. check it out….

DDubbs BK says:

damn and I´╗┐ thought I get paranoid lol

sukablianah2 says:

Eyebrow shape´╗┐

MizzRowe says:

Possibly the information came from a diabetic. My certified diabetes educator/registered dietitian prefers her patients not consume smoothies´╗┐ that contain fruit. She would rather you chew the fruit. She said that even with the fiber (and possibly protein) in the smoothie, the sugar is absorbed too quickly when compared to eating the fruit, and spikes the blood sugar. I’ve had more than one RD tell me that., Maybe that is only a concern for diabetics.

Dianne K. says:

Vita-mix is awesome. I have had mine´╗┐ for 33 years with zero problems and here in the states it’s $350 or so…. Which is close to what I paid years ago.

painting says:

yeah because when people eat fruits, they swallow it whole and don’t chew it´╗┐ up and break it down.

TrayCaddyyy says:

I just finished physiology so I have no idea either how smoothies hurt the´╗┐ pancreas…

CombustTheChronic says:

wat happened to ur face bro ur eye´╗┐ brows look like some one messed with em or something

rlinnenbur says:

Nice review and the correct answer to this pretty silly question. The sugar shock is negated by the fiber in the fruit. That is a perfect answer! I love my´╗┐ NUTRiBULLET smoothies. See a demonstration on my channel. ­čÖé

rynomacamillion says:

I heard if you put motor oil in your smoothie´╗┐ it is good for your colon? True/False

Rouhi Qaddoumi says:

how do we get your program i went to your website and clicked on buy it kept giving me wrong address´╗┐ then…
what is up with that ? please advise

baozytools says:

not sure if troll or´╗┐ serious..

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