Nutribullet Review – first impression and making smoothies

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Nutribullet Review - first impression and making smoothiesIn this video, I unbox the MagicBullet – NutriBullet smoothie maker and food extractor and make my first healthy blasts. This is not a paid review but it sure is an honest one! I purchased…


MySparklyLife says:

Haha i love how you read the instructions after you used it. I have a
smoothie make and a juicer.I only ever use them when the weather is nice. I
would recommend drinking water ( enough to rinse your mouth) after every
smoothie because of the acidity in the fruits. Great video,very informative

Sophia mygreatchallenge says:

I checked the book for you Cheryl, here’s one of their recipesfor
Fibrimyalgia: spinash, banana, pumpkin seeds, orange, carrot and plant
protein powder. or kale, avocado, rolled oats (glutten free), flax seed,
apple, blueberries, almond milk.

WillowandPaisley says:

Oh I meant to tell you my smoothie tasted like PB&J sandwich! Lol.

Cme Save says:

Thanks for review.. will be my Christmas present to myself this year. I
have the same reaction to kiwi go figure!

cherylynn927 says:

I have the Magic Bullet and I like mine! Great review!

Tammy Pluskett says:

Sophia, What did the boys think of their smoothie?

Sophia mygreatchallenge says:

I just bought a Nutribullet Food Extractor…Here’s my review!

cherylynn927 says:

I’m curious what it recommends for fibromyalgia?

BellinaSkyBright says:

good review thanx, it’s handy to see the product in action and being
cleaned, I feel the same way about cleaning appliances.

Kiddos Koral says:

I drink a shake everyday. I got turned onto this through greensmoothiegirl.
check it out. on my channel I have my recipe. Very similar to what your
using. I also bought my parent one of these for Christmas.

Sophia mygreatchallenge says:

Kim, I recommend it, I was not sure whether it would be easy to use, my
biggest concern was cleaning. If t is a pain to clean I would stop using an
appliance, like our griddle for instance. This is very practical.

Sophia mygreatchallenge says:

I ll have to try that! thanks.

WillowandPaisley says:

I’m still watching the video and have to suggest CHIA seeds to you. High I
protein and will keep you fuller longer. I put 1 Tbsp in every smoothie as
well as 1 Tbsp in my cereal. I don’t use the smoothies as a meal
replacement. You may like having a piece of fruit with the smoothie.
Digestively you will feel great with all that green goodness! Lol.

N. Dawkins says:

Love this video! I gave my Mom a Nutri-Bullet for Xmas last year, and she
said it was the best gift I had ever given to her…after the flat screen
TV…imagine that …LOL! Thanks and all the best!

WillowandPaisley says:

Sophia….if been making green smoothies for about 1.5 yrs now with my a
vitamix. It really helped me lose about 30lbs that first year. Sadly I’ve
gained 7 of it back. I just made one in Friday that I loved! It had 2 ripe
bananas, 2 dried figs, spoonful of Almond Butter, 2 lrg handfuls of
spinach, 1 cup water and 1 cup Almond Milk. I use a lot of liquid as I
don’t like a thick smoothie. Great breakfast on the go. Just stick a straw
in and enjoy.

Kim Reason says:

I have been considering purchasing this. Thanks for your impression.

brenda h says:

thank u for such a thorough review!!!

Sophia mygreatchallenge says:

They liked it!

Sophia mygreatchallenge says:

Wow, did not know that about the water trick. Thanks hon!

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