Nutribullet!!! (review / demo) vlog

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Nutribullet!!! (review / demo) vlogNutribullet is available at Target and Bed Bath & Beyond or check it out on Amazon (we used 20% off coupon at bb&b) Juice and poop!! T…


MrsEMoncada says:

Tu mama tiene razon! Escuchala´╗┐ ­čśë

Frankiezzy says:

ya the Vitamix is like the mack daddy of blenders. It does a´╗┐ lot more than the Nutriblend for sure, but Nutriblend is awesome for drinks and it’s only 99 bucks

Amanda Lewis says:

LOL! Juice and Poop! I love your Mom, she is so cute!! I´╗┐ have the Ninja blender, and it sucks!! I need to try the NutriBullet, I want a Vitamix, but it is too pricey for now. Thanks for the video to show how well it works.

Maria Soriano says:

How did´╗┐ you get the 20 percent off.

Patti Dee says:

OMG, Frankie´╗┐ – my husband and I were freaking out watching the bobcat. We want to know “weren’t you guys scared?” lol. He sure was thirsty, wasn’t he?

Frankiezzy says:

lol´╗┐ i’m tryingggg guysss

Sophie Chen says:

I´╗┐ was contemplating on buying this compared to buying a blender’,would you highly recommend buying the nutri blender instead!?

Katelyn Sawyer says:

Never´╗┐ mind u r nice

Frankiezzy says:


yesilikedrpepper says:

Your´╗┐ mom is tha best!

jessicaschoener05 says:

Pretty soon it’ll be juicy poop!! LOL,´╗┐ she is hilarious! Best video ever!!

Frankiezzy says:

Yeah the nutribullet is a 600 w blender, and it is amazing for juice drinks. Blender´╗┐ is good for other things but if you’re looking to drink veggies / fruit.. Nutribullet is best imo

hopesmom2000 says:

Juice and poop Frankie, juice and´╗┐ poop. You’ll be happy and healthy. I like your mom, she’s really cute. ­čÖé

biterchocolate says:


Frankiezzy says:

Bed Bath & Beyond sends coupons in the mail, they’re huge and say 20% off, and umm i think you can sign up´╗┐ on their website and get em

shabbydeb says:

Thanks for sharing this demo. Nutribullet looks great´╗┐ ~ but have you ever checked out a VitaMix? I have one and absolutely love it…it has a motor as tough as a lawn mower! =)
Cheers to Healthy Smoothies! xox debbieinchicago

Beth Sontag says:

I had the same´╗┐ comment last video. Mom izzey is the bomb. I want to be her.

dada6677889900 says:

I love your´╗┐ mom she is beautiful

Sophie Chen says:

Awesome:) thanks ..!izzey!´╗┐

gspremulli says:

please watch your´╗┐ video with captions on. its hilarious.

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