Nutribullet day94 “bad day”

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Nutribullet day94 Hello everyone pretty sucky day stuck in the hospital for a couple days had treatment last week and been having extreme pain in my lower back n legs i hate n…


Cat Scarbrough says:

Looking forward to hearing from you again Buddy..We all miss you and your progress.We are all keeping you in our Prayers.

John Sorrentino says:

Sure u can email me its

katmit106 says:

Praying for you. You are strong and will be back on track soon. This too shall pass.

Eboni Reign says:

Im sending prayers n blessings ur way n hopes that u get well soon. Stay strong like I know u r. U should have ur wife being u ur nutribullet with some fruits n veggies n blend it while u r n hospital since it doesn’t take up much room or require much cleanup. Feel better! I’m rooting for u : )

Cat Scarbrough says:

John,I have a couple of questions for you regaurding your experience and was wondering if i could email you or you could email me?

Keely Stanley says:

Hey there!!! Keep your head up. I just found all of your vids today on YouTube after having a really bad day at work. You inspire me to push thru the down days. Watching Ur results are amazing. Think positive thoughts and you will be back to your old self in no time. God has brought you this far and He’s NOT going to leave you. Romans 8:28. Rock on!!!

martinumber1 says:

I really hope you are fine and post up as soon as possible. May God be with you. 🙂

jazzeefly says:

Praying for a swift recovery for you….dont get too discouraged. Keep in mind you
made it pass 90 days nutriblasting so, getting back into will be no problem for you. Look at this as a minor setback….. Hey…I’m still trying to get pass day 1 🙂 but i’m still hopeful……so stay encouraged

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