Nutribullet day 114

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Nutribullet day 114Hello everyone feeling better n slowly getting back into the swing of things its was a rough last couple of weeks cood barely walk due to s spinal tap n it w…


loosecannon1313 says:

Can u send me your email? Email me at …thank u

John Sorrentino says:

Browne thanks alot n i was in alot of pain but i am back to a hundred percent ive been going to the gym but takein it easy & not lifting weights im going pn vacation may n dont want to chance it hurtin again but i will hit it hardcore wen i ce back n the videos will start pumpin out again becuz people like u who keep encouraging gives me the best feeli

Lydia Mcjilton says:

You are such an inspiration I just started to watch your videos and hats off to you ….keep it up and Dont let nothing hold you back I just got my nutribullet and I’ve blasting for about 5 days and I feel so good hopefully the weight comes off soon too that would be wonderful 🙂 anyways thank you for your videos they truly are inspiring


Hey john what kind of diet are you following? With the nutribullet. I just bought mine, but I would love to learn more. Thanks I’ll look you up in Facebook. By the way keep it up. You’re doing great! My name is Josué Ramirez


I want you to know that you have convince me to do this. My excuse of back got trumped by your situation. Im a radiation therapist who is/was discouraged by my pain but im gonna fight through it. Thank you and I pray for your restored health, you look great.

Cat Scarbrough says:

We are so HAPPY to see your back on track with your Health and your Journey with the Nutri Bullet and the Gym. Its only been 27 days now for me but I’m already seeing a big differance in my energy and my weight,I’ve only dropped 10lbs but I’m sure there will be more to come off after i start the gym on the 1st of April..Keep up the Good work John and WE ALL look forward to all your future posts they INSPIRE US ALL.

John Sorrentino says:

*Feeling in the world

martinumber1 says:

Yay!! You’re ok!!! Now I can follow your weight journey. 🙂

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