Nutri Ninja, Nutri Bullet, Magic Bullet

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Nutri Ninja, Nutri Bullet, Magic BulletWhich one should I get when I move?? Help me my Fabulous Gal’s.


Jazzella Nathan says:

Hey Nita the Nutri bullet is good for on the go and has the different cup
sizes for small or large smoothies. I don’t know much about the Ninja but
I’ve haven’t heard anything bad. My husband and I want the Blend Tec but
that’s really expensive!! 

Myesha Beaufort MySimplePretty says:

| i wanna know too lol because im actually planning to move in the next
couple months as well. Im over the regular traditional blender i have !

Cora LovesGlam says:

I have the magic bullet and I love it- it’s also really affordable! 

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