Nutri Bullet-Making Trucker Smoothies-Jim The Trucker Video Series

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Nutri Bullet-Making Trucker Smoothies-Jim The Trucker Video SeriesI finally bit the bullet and bought a nutri bullet mixer for on the road. I show how to make a smoothie pretty much anywhere you live. Truckers can have heal…


haymannn says:

That’s what I mean, lol, that’s just a bit to much hassle on a truck for me anyways. I don’t even like blenders at home. I just put tuna & mix stuff up, & salad in bowl, eat it & toss paper bowl & plastic fork in trash. No water & shaking & wiping w/paper towel. 🙂

Jim Hudson says:

I will be able to add some equipment type freight to the mix for sure. I don’t do oversize much right now, but may change down the road. I was hoping to be able to expand my freight possibilities here and not get stuck in some areas as much that offer step and no flatbed freight. I have had that problem a few times and it sucks. I may even invest in ramps if the offers for hauling drive-on freight pays enough and there is a good amount of it.

Jim Hudson says:

I hear you man, no problem at all. I was willing to give it a shot since I liked the one at home. I just booked a container load so I will have to roll here. I have a 51 foot sliding axle stepdeck waiting on me down the road either in Alabama or Florida. I miss a lot of freight that is step only so I plan on fixing that here asap. Stay tuned for step freight videos in the future.

haymannn says:

Jim, but now you gotta clean up that mixer. I don’t like them blenders. There more work than I care for. U can have a great, no clean-up meal easier. You might like my meal on a truck. I stop at WM every 3 days. Get envelope’s of Tuna, a jar of Mayo, sweet relish, salt & pepper, mix it in a paper bowl, add salad mix. U have a great health meal. I live off this. Trash the bowl & plastic fork. No mess. U probably already U do chilly. Thx 4 the vid.

Jim Hudson says:

Thanks, I really like it so far. I missed the one from home and figured it was worth it to have one out here. I really do feel the difference already as the green smoothies really do help a lot. The broomstick was the only thing that the camera attachment hardware would work on…I guess it worked just fine.

xxxfake10 says:

go to 3w’ and check out the 8006. That little blender is cool too and not messy at all. you can close if you don’t drink it all and put away in your fridge, then you can clean later when you finish drinking all..

haymannn says:

Gotcha, I’ll look 4 the vids.

Jim Hudson says:

It is really easy and no waste. I pour water in the jar, place the mixer lid back on and shake it. I pour the water out and it is all cleaned up. I may have to do a small amount of cleaning with a paper towel….but it is fast. I just finished cleaning up a bit ago and there were no problems.

MrEasymoney9 says:

Hey Jim Great video as always. Never seen that gadget before but sure looks neat. I imagine you could do an all fruit smoothie and just add ice, might be good for a treat as well. Oh yeah, that broomstick tripod worked great. The ingenuity at its best right there. Way to go, God bless, stay safe and healthy. Look forward to the next one buddy.

haymannn says:

I look forward to ur step deck vid(S). R ur talk’n about changing over to haul’n some equipment also?

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