Nutri Bullet Fast Day 1. With The Little Guy Trucker Show

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Nutri Bullet Fast Day 1. With The Little Guy Trucker ShowOk guys and gals. Here we go. Watch and you will understand. Come with me on this journey. Please Don’t Forget To SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT & LIKE Check out the lin…


trainerjames2013 says:

Hang in there Matt. You can do it bro. Oh and leave your shirt on dude. Lol

Donald Porter says:

Good job dog keep it up I’m getting ready to pull my bullet out of mouth
balls …yeah man

J.C. Warren says:

Matt you can do it! I love watching fat sick and nearly dead it is so
inspiring and motivating. Joe Cross is an amazing guy. You are inspiring me
as well I’m buying my nutribullet next week. Thanks for all you do

John McGraw says:

Too FUNNY, gotta love that joey!

Patrick Fox says:


Adan Martinez says:

Nutritionist that I have spoken to say that a “cheat day” is good for both
you and body. Just don’t overdo it, eating normal portions. This way a
person doesn’t burn themselves out eating healthy foods (vegetables,
fruits, etc). It could also motivate, cause like you said you felt like
shit after, this will help you avoid unhealthy foods.

Hernan HN says:

I’d say try and do cardio in the mornings in an empty stomach, that way you
can get rid of as much fat as possible. Eat at least 5 balanced meals and
drink lots of water this way you don’t crave big meals. Avoid creatine so
you don’t add water retention weight to your body weight, otherwise you
will not see progress lol. Also dont overdo fruits, most have quite a bit
of carbs/fructose which in turn gets stored as fat. Just my opinion, but
hey! great start man. Dont give up, beat Trainer James. 

Tom Oleary says:

I’m a foodservice driver. The bad part of chicken strips is the fryer oil.
It’s toxic. Avoid the words soy, corn, cottonseed, canola. Avoid fake
butter. Eat chicken breast. Raw carrots grapes and apples hold well in a
truck. Snack while driving. You will notice weight loss and bowel changes
in days. Watch dr john bergman on youtube. If I can do it you can too. Good

stprocks says:

I love the enthusiasm. Not so sure of your method though. The one thing I
know for sure though is don’t drink all that water. Been there tried that.
You’ll dilute the salt, sugar, and minerals in your blood and eventually
you’ll feel weak. You should be able to go 4 hours without peeing.

Adubb a says:

Creatine is weaksauce. Get some testosterone and get jacked for real!


You can do it Bro!!! Getting healthy to be around for your Wife and kids is
all that matters..I’m actually about to purchase a Nutribullet for my

tacbishop says:

Haha I doubt you.. I hate on you …you can’t do it will never lose
weight haha.. You’re going to let Trainer James beat you . You are going to
have to buy trainer James that steak dinner . He will laugh at you and mock
you all over YouTube . They will probably throw you out of trucking all
together . You won’t even be able to get a job in this state . If you
really want to lose weight and be full all the time let me know and I will
help you .

harley08 says:

Hell yes but remember if you don’t bust ass to burn that protein it will
turn into fat so please watch your intake protein is awesome until your
taking in more than you use not to discourage you just look into it

MrMeatman1962 says:

Keep a positive attitude, nothing is impossible. How tall are you

David Bach says:

you can do it mann hang in there keep up the hard work get healthy for your
wife and kids.

TheLittleGuyTruckerShow says:
doug janusch says:

way to go bud

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