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MYSTERY BOX REVEALED! (HILARIOUS)20000 LIKES from the BRUHS? BECOME A YOUTUBER CONTEST RESULTS go LIVE tomorrow at 10 AM! Thank you for watching! If you enjoyed, please Subscribe by clicking here for daily VLogs!


Abdullah Sultan says:

I bet fousey tube masturbates a lot grown ass man with no girlfriend or
wife and I don’t think he did it without marriage that’s a huge sin 

Bryant Nguyen says:

Does anybody know what that thing is called 

SpeedracerVtechDoch says:

Why does he have a sweater

karan gill says:

Why doesn’t hang out with akmed as much

maccots8123 says:

Wasn’t he going to do a grandpa prank?

THEMR.SoMo says:

I would never of guessed you ordered a shirt folder

Lambo Zone says:

That’s for lazy ass people


The video you’ve all been waiting for. hahaha. Can’t believe so much
anticipation for a small box! Thanks for the 20,000 LIKES, ya’ll show mad
love. And I’m happy you’re enjoying the fun vlogs with the bruh bruhs and

WassabiFevur says:

I saw that shirt folder on Big Bang theory 

Im Guilt says:

Achmed is fulfilling the Indian stereotype of being a doctor…good for him

Fred says:

Recently the vlogs have been DOPE! Much love Yousef :D

jasmin kadri says:

Bruh I’m two years younger than Wajeeh and I knew that song right away…

Dominik Johnson says:

Yo buy paper plates if you don’t want to do dishes. Wayyyyy better

Rapidmuscle Growth says:

A shirt folding item? LMFAO you lazy ass cant even teach yourself? could’ve
just asked your mom how to fold clothes. AHAHAHAHAH what a waste of money. 

Anthony Chavez says:

Dislike it he ate beef jurky… It for his own good 

Saulo Casal says:

Dude, this mouth-open chewing aggravates me >:S

Oğulcan Güler says:

Go back to your fuckin cage you palestinian prick you not belong to us

CleverPresents says:

bruh, why is youjee getting defensive about texting a chick? Atleast he is
texting chicks. lol. 

ashley778909 says:

The ending scared me lol! I thought the guy was going to say something! xD 

Adrian Hernandez says:

Can someone say Big Bang theory?!

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