My Favorite Tools for prepping Raw Meals

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My Favorite Tools for prepping Raw MealsLong video but very informative worth watching till the end, may save you money! Glass 18oz bottles… can find on Amazon also. Masson jars….


Mommies6angels says:

Thanks for making the video. I was trying to figure out what I’d need and
this video helped a lot. I am going to buy the spiralizer now, it’s what I
need the most. I don’t have a nutribullet but I have a ninja master
prep…which I think will work until I can afford a Vitamix. I also have a
regular blender…will that work for anything? I like the glass drinking
bottles but I’ll wait cause I already have a glass bottle that works great.
Another question I have is do you think those mason jar lids will fit other
mason jars? I have a whole lot of mason jars and would hate to buy more 🙂
Thank-you so much for the info! 

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