Muscle Building – Spinach & Berry Smoothie!

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Muscle Building - Spinach & Berry Smoothie!Check out more form Drinks Tube here: https:// PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO LIKE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE Here’s the link to SUBSC…


jowls says:

Have you boys heard or tried PB2 I use it in my shakeology everyday. It is
powders peanut butter.

TheLeanMachines says:

We’ve been making awesome smoothies is @JamieOliver ‘s kitchen with
@DrinksTube Check this bad boy out!

CollyWobbles321 says:

This is very nice! Looking very professional atm 🙂 I like it!

ZZsharpsapeXX says:

Hi, i am a 13 year old boy, i play football and i am also kind intrested in
building muscle. Do u guys think i should worry about body fat precentage
as i am only 13 years old. 153 cm 35.5 kg, i know i am trying to put on

TheLeanMachines says:

Thanks for watching guys

Yves George Sanchez says:

Love both of your hair!

jasiaaj says:

Looks Like sh*t

Lewis Marriott says:

Should I just half the amounts i’m putting in if I just want to make a
portion for me or just make a big one and have two a day?

GamerFollower says:

Damn, I need to get a full sized fridge as soon as I get out of college so
I can get more raw healthy foods ;P

Kate Gallagher says:

Man I wish I had people that would magically prep all my fruits and veggies
for me at all times or you know actually afford someone to do that it would
be amazing. 

nobcheesy says:

would cost about £25 with all those ingredients

Carly Rowena says:

So proud of you guys! xx

Marit Schulte says:

Just wondering, isn’t this also the food tube kitchen?

Brenda Brooks says:

oh yum! love this! btw would be helpful to put the ingredients in the info
bar xx

CaptainAMAZINGGG says:

Use raw cacao powder, WAY more benefits than just copper LOL!! +
TheLeanMachines plz learn about superfoods bkuz AWESOME, kay thanks. 🙂 😉

couscousandhumus says:

Odd combination but looks good!Question: can I use frozen spinach+berries
if I don’t have fresh ones? 

Elizabeth L says:

You guys are awesome! I will definitely try this after my workout 🙂 xx 

PointlessBlog says:

I need to be giving this one a try! Thanks chaps x

Craig Pontifex says:

Nice. Good texture and taste. Chuck in a handful of ice cubes if you don’t
have time for the cooling action. I reckon it’s about 150 calories per
serving, and packed with great nutrients. A smoothie winner

TremixHD says:

The Spinach tasted so good i did have quite different ingrediens milk,sugar
free jogurt,strawberries,one spoon of cocoa powder,kiwi,spinach

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