Matcha Energy Smoothie #ad

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Lily Pebbles says:

haha I LOVED this. Looking good ladies 😉 

Carly Rowena says:

and this is why you are my boyfriend. John i hope you washed my clothes!
🙂 xxx

Josh Valero says:

No joke, I just muted this and jerked off for hours. 

Ringo rodriguez says:

one tiny spoon of green tea..does it make a difference?

Alexandra Smith says:

Y’all are so cute with all the outfit changes! Hilarious and entertaining
vid x

TheLeanMachines says:

Matcha Energy Smoothie, with a little added magic 😉 #ad

Zanna van Dijk says:

Great video lads – looks delicious!! xxx

CollyWobbles321 says:

Guys the quality of these recent videos have just been simply amazing! i
didn’t mind it was an ad :). I have a question however… Where on earth
did you get all those clothes?! xD

LucyAndLydia says:


Bryony Clayton says:

I’ve been really struggling with my weight since I had my little one a year
ago. Especially my diet, I never know what to have and never know what
exercises to do. I was wondering if you done personal training one to one?
I would defiantly invest in it. 

Mirage Mari says:

That was very funny! Loved the video! John, hot pink is definitely your
colour, hahaha))

simonelubd2 says:

you are hilarious! hahahhaha! did not expect that when I pressed play on
the video! made my eve!

imamymarie says:

This is too funny! You two just won me over! I just made the life choice to
get healthy and active and your videos are going to help me out a lot. I
can’t wait to make your videos a part of my new life style keep them coming
and I will keep us posted on my progress! Cheers from America*

LydGr1 says:

OMG where is the smiderman onesie from? Best thing you’ve ever worn John!
Great video btw. You’re the only ones who could have made an ad enjoyable.
I’ll try the smoothie too cause I really like matcha! :)

Jason Fonville says:

Absolutely brilliant!! You guys are just awesome man! AWESOME!! LOL

Korr Mc says:

John and Grizzly Adams ! HA Hello there Leon didn’t see you behind all of
that hair ;D

Luke Sumner-Wilson says:

#HulkJuice Legend! Hope you are well – Would be great to have a catch up
soon :)

Frank A says:

Cool funny vid.

Polly Dolly says:

Ha! This was awesome! You just keep getting better!

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