Making Home Made Smoothies

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Making Home Made SmoothiesA healthy home made smoothie recipe. The start of my healthy cooking, snacks, drinks and tips. If of course you guys are interested in that? Subscribe: Check out my online…


alba roque says:

the banana wasnt ripe maybe thats why it wasnt sweet. You have to wait for
the banana to turn yellow so you can eat it.

Philip Geertsen says:

Hey y’all! I make 3-5 videos a week (vlogs and comedy), so if you want to,
you can check my channel out! Xx

33jazzygirl says:

lol I literally just commented about the max line for the nutribullet but
nvm you found out lol

Jonasftw says:

You should try to add a few strawberries to that recipe. You could also
replace the orange with orange juice, that way you can pretty much leave
out the water.

beckyb says:

feel shit watching this after ive just ate a cheese pizza

thomasthetans says:

Do they live together? 

pala princess says:

Really enjoyed this video!!! One question, are you and niomi engaged? (Coz
both of you are wearing a ring)

Юлия Грачева says:

Hey i 2 

Klara Burns says:

Please keep on doing these little healthy videos :)

Lottelovesbeauty says:

“Apologies for looking like a piece of poo” – Well that’s a pretty georgous
piece of poo then.

MoreMarcus says:
Tom Bristow says:

Wheres the free samples then marcy?;) aha they look great man!!

OmaNomMatt says:

you should of blended a cat into the smoothie, would’ve tasted amazing.

touchdalight says:

i want to make smoothies but i have no money to buy a good smoothie maker
!! the struggle :/

Carolien o says:

I like that they are both so healty and eat organic and all that! Such a
great couple! 

UruguayoIncoherente says:

I loved it

BlaBla Bla says:

I have never liked these smoothies, the consistency is just too thick for

Cassandra Edwards says:

your kitchen tho

sam rita says:

” smoothie maker” seriously?? its called changing a shape of a blender and
getting tricked by buissness, and you saw how it didnt even work propelly

Nerdy Chic says:

hi guys i just posted my types of teenagers video if you want to you can go
check it out if not thats cool too byeee :)

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