Kids can juice too- #3 Snow Peas and Snow Flakes

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Kids can juice too- #3 Snow Peas and Snow FlakesHaving done a little research we settled on a Nutri Ninja blender. This is our juicing journey. Joey was very excited about (and actually suggested) the Nutr…


ScarlettKriss says:

He is Sooo cute! Yep, like colors families work best. I haven’t yet found a
juice I like with avocado in it, though I love avocado. I love the orange
and red family mixed, like oranges,pineapple, carrots and a few
strawberries with the leaves. In my books reds and blues are consider d the
same group.
Also I was referring to to the hot cold family suck as watermelon vs a
cayenne pepper.
I got busy yesterday Em had a small wreck, 

Andi Dwyer says:

Headphones?!?!?! Ouch!!!

EpicDragon7 says:

I must have missed some big announcements on twitter or on here or
something due to irl job and vacation, etc. When did you get started with
juicing, and what got you into it?

mybarefoot soul says:

Kids can juice too- #3 Snow Peas and Snow Flakes 

Moonwillow92 says:

you had more snow than where i am! I remember when we use to have a blender
and make smoothies and jucies. Might try it with my pot blender. Although
don’t have much in the way for juicing at the moment!

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