Kamo Nutri Bullet Breakfast

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Kamo Nutri Bullet BreakfastThis is a healthy breakfast made with the Nutri Bullet. I dropped ten pounds and kept it off.


Oregon Mike says:

You use that knife like a ninja! Chop chop chop. Good to see ya.

A145084 says:

Good recipe
using the naked juice is a good suggestion to try

Ghostsquatter1 says:

Excellent. I used to do a juice fast for three days, two times a year with store bought juice. It helped but, was limited in benefit. The three week cleansing that you do is the way to go. This Nutri Bullet makes the cleansing fast much more appealing to me. I think it adds years to life and quality of health for sure.

Ghostsquatter1 says:

LOL, constipation, who has time for that? I feel the health benefits from this and it’s worth passing up on the fat cravings to feel better. I’m not getting any younger and I’ve got some youthful adventures to attempt so, this works for me. BTW – Vita Mix is a good product too.

briargoatkilla says:

Nice one Ghost! I do a three week cleansing in the spring. Veggies and juice only. I usually lose ten pounds. Probably need to shoot for twenty this year, LOL!

voodoo304 says:

Glad to see a new vid Kamo! Thanks

steverid says:

Good for you! That was a healthy shot! I just got the VitaMix emulsifier 2 months ago & I love it! Yep…those drinks keep ya regular alright! 🙂

ShoeManShoe68 says:

Great to see you back. Thanks for sharing!

norwoodzomboy says:

You’re concoction is also loaded with micro nutrients which will benefit your immune system greatly! I do something similar and it works for me.

Ghostsquatter1 says:

Thanks, I’ve been low profile for a while. A whole bunch is going on with my world and I’ll hopefully start sharing some stuff soon. I’ve got a major move in the works right now.

Ghostsquatter1 says:

I agree. We lose much of the nutrient benefits that are locked in and pass through us but, this works. I actually feel energized after drinking this. It’s like running an engine on a more refined fuel as opposed to fuel with gunk in it.

bunny08able says:

Compared to a v8 spicy, how doesn’t taste?

Ghostsquatter1 says:

It tastes like a non-descript berry, and there is a hint of ginger flavor, I like it.

Ghostsquatter1 says:

Thanks, the naked juice is a little pricey for some people but, it goes a long way and is very healthy.

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