Healthy living update and weight loss!

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Healthy living update and weight loss!Yahoo I have lost 5 pounds this past week and about 3 more since my last visit to the doctor. I’m totally stoked.


49ldavis says:

Yes Latinagoddess I’m feeling great lots of energy.

49ldavis says:

Thanks Karen I will.

ThePecanTannedBeauty . says:

CONGRATS!!!!! I’m loving it… So proud of you. I’m loving my smoothies and
juices. It makes such a difference. Today is day 45 of my journey so, I’m a
little nervous today at weigh-in. I skipped a few days last week at the
gym. My taste buds have changed as well. I really don’t crave stuff anymore
either. Every now and then but I do something healthy like fresh fruit and
unsweetened almond milk. 🙁 I see a 2-piece in our future. Keep it up
lady! xoxo

latingoddess531 says:

Yay 🙂 Keep at it. You already are getting great results. So happy for you.

kittymoomoo1923 says:

Thats fantastic!! keep it up girlie!!

Catherine R says:

Way to go Laurie!!!!

49ldavis says:

Thanks Pecan, just keep it up. No one is perfect and skip days happens.
Just stick with it. My doctor couldn’t believe I had lost 10 pounds since I
last saw him. Woo hoo!

49ldavis says:

You won’t be disappointed.

49ldavis says:

Hi Deb, whats nice about this is no counting caller it’s your eating all
healthy organic fruits and veggies. I eat a regular dinner and two
nutriblast and one desert bullet everyday. My sugar cravings are all gone I
no longer drink coffee and I have lots of energy.

49ldavis says:

Thanks Katherine, I’m feeling great!

49ldavis says:

Thanks Sheri, I’m supper stoked about it and doctor couldn’t believe I have
lost 10 pounds since I last saw him. It’s worth every penny. I’m feeling

Leigh Ann Live says:

It’s so great! Great job! My hubs and I are watching this and cracking up
at what you said about your husband. So funny! I might have to try this

sheri coolens says:

OMG Laurie- I’m so excited for you!!! Congrats!!! Now I want a
Nutribullet!! lol 

Ivana Holt says:

Yay!! I’m so happy for you. The most important hurdle is liking it,
because then you’ll stick with it. You’re inspiring me to do this too.
I’m looking at it online and looking at recipes right now! Then I’m
getting on the treadmill. Lol.

Karen F says:

Good job!! Keep it up!!

49ldavis says:

LeighAnne, this really works I have never felt better in my life in just
one week! I lost another pound and I’m eating regular dinners too.i no
longer crave sweets in fact when I bit into that doughnut I gagged it was
awful! I have no more cravings and soo much energy. I’m power walking every
day but the weekends. I have two nutriblast and a fruit blast everyday and
totally satisfied. Watch YouTube vids on it.

Deb Sims says:

Way to go! I have to get one of those. Today I logged and ate 1,886
calories. Now this was me trying to eat around 1,200-1,500. So I went over
but I ate healthy. My hubby weighs less than me too. 

vashsteel21 says:

Congrats, it’s good to hear your felling so good. 

49ldavis says:

Vashteel I’m feeling great!!!!!!!

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