Gross Taste Test ♡ Weekend Vlog 15.1

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Gross Taste Test ♡ Weekend Vlog 15.1It’s weekend vlog 15 part 1! I did a super gross taste test, had froyo for dinner with Bunny, went to work out O_O, wondered about how to store bananas, and found some crazy sweaty makeup at…


paige whitley says:

hm hey number it like month and weekend, so for this one it would be
“weekend vlog 3.3.1” so third month, third weekend, first episode of that
weekend. I don’t know, it’s my brain :)

Sierra Giles says:


Lauri Tropea says:

My dad came to this country and had his own fruits and vegetable stand for
his young adult life, and still does it today, bananas need to be away from
apples and citrus, the gases they give off will rot the bananas quicker, so
don’t put them side by side with one another or in a bowl together. :)

arainbowiswhatiam says:

Hi Leighann!! First I wanna say I love your videos and really look forward
for your weekend blogs!! Second, I’m Mexican and I loooooove clamatos! yes
there is some clam with tomato juice involved, but you need a lot more
things, even in Mexico the store bought canned beer and clamato are not
very good (at least for me), micheladas are different, they also have beer
and are very good when mixed right, if you ever visit Mexico ask for a
clamato at a bar, they’re waaaay better than the can stuff! promise!! <3

MsLilacLover1 says:

Those Milano shadows are just awful. Crumbly. Blech.

rafabussiere says:

I know this is totally random, but i was watching “nightcrawler” on netflix
and one of the accidents that he “covers” (i think is the one where he
moves the body) was on benedict canyon… I freaked out when i heard the
woman saying the adress on the radio.. I was like omg it’s the same adress
from the jinx… And i thought of you lol no one that i know is familiar
with the jinx (i live in brazil) and i felt so sad that i couldnt share my
amazement with anybody else… So there… I know it’s dumb but i just had
to tell you ps: love your vlogs

Emily Rachel says:

I think you don’t realize how much people enjoy your videos!! It doesn’t
matter what time you post your videos as long as you like your videos!!

Megan G says:

Technically, you’re supposed to separate each banana from the bunch and
store them apart. The gas that they release as they ripen causes the other
ones to ripen faster. 

McKena Sharp says:

Cream products will “sweat,” it’d totally normal. Gross looking but normal

Sally Brown says:

what is your snapchat +leighannsays 

Glitter Nails says:

I look forward to Monday nights to watch your vlogs as I wind down the
craziness called life. Don’t stop vlogging ever!

Katie Lueck says:

I looked up Nifa’s and it looks like it is Texas only. From my house it
would take me 36 hours to get there…no big deal. Haha. #Canadian

Marlene Flanagan says:

There is not enough liquor in the world to get me to drink CLAMATO!

Maryjoe Cavazos says:

omg that drink is literally something we drink at family bbq’s and even
make! Its tomato juice and beer.. with lemon and salt haha 

Josey Johnson says:

Love you and Bunnys channel!!! :)

Brianna Elizabeth says:

A pie party!!!! I am so jealous. 

Tara Wood says:

Ninfas is local! And clamato is clam juice and tomato juice together.

Rachel Redeker says:

Yes! Just had the worst Monday work day, this makes it better, much

Kaitlyn says:

I always forget that there isn’t really Clamato in the US…this Canadian
LOVES a ceasar

Ilse Pla says:

Clamato and michelada are actually really popular and normal to drink here
in Monterrey, México. But it’s so much better if you make it on the spot.
Never trust a pre made drink on a can. ;)

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