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FRIDAY FAVORITES AND NO POO!!!Nuglow Repair Cream Link- Free Shipping Code: Melissa Nuglow Facebook and Twitter: https:// https://twit…


Jordan Cheyenne says:

I come here every week for the YALL READY FOR THE WEEKEND BAYBAAAAAAY 😀
Looooove you.

ashley_love15 says:

I have been using the Nutri Ninja Pro that I got for Christmas that was my
big present from my parents which I think is just for smoothies because it
comes with two cups & lids of course but it is amazing! I agree on feeling
good about drinking smoothies, it honestly help cleared up my skin by
drinking smoothies with so many nutrients & I saw a huge difference
honestly in a couple days. I absolutely love it & it really does take only
5 seconds to get the smoothie consistency which a huge time saver when
you’re in a hurry to grab a cup, blend it then go. I love your videos &
your gorgeous! 

txmommyofboys says:

Oh Mulch looks right up my alley! Happy Friday Melissa

Marla Robinson says:

Your top looks so cute. OMG I love my elf lip exfoliator. It is so good.
I originally put mine in the shower but it was always sort of wet- all the
time. I keep it on my sink instead now.

Darci Stewart says:

The lip exfoliator by elf is my favorite lip prod tv that I’ve ever gotten
by them! I suffer from dry flaky Sahara desert lips all year long, and it
gets all the dry flaky crusty dead skin off my lips and leaves them so
soft, smooth and moisturized. I love it. It makes my lipstick go in
smoothly and evenly because there’s no dry or flaky patches for it to cling
to in my lips. Amaze-balls!

ginandglitter says:

I’d love a video on smoothie recipes or easy healthy tips! Thanks!

Tracy Talley says:

I make this same stuff in a regular blender, does anyone know what the
difference is? Now I am looking at this.

Lilmama Taurus says:

I love you gurllll your a trip! I love the elf exfoliater it’s a god send
another elf GOD SEND is their makeup remover pen.Its amazing for lil
mistakes it’s well moist so you never get a dry pen or have to go over
something more then once. 

nerdlingful says:

The ELF Lip Exfoliator is a must have, and your lips are tasty tasty

Nichole Dinda says:

To keep the ELF lip exfoliator from breaking, just don’t twist it up a lot!
I just twist mine up about a quarter of an inch, just enough that I can
feel it. I’ve never had a problem with it breaking. I agree though, it’s an
amazing product. 

Vinny Gutierrez says:

Great info! You did play with your hair obsessively , couldn’t help but
notice are you stressed?

Alexis West says:

wow your face is always glowing hun!

JackyOhhh says:

I need to pick up the elf lip exfoliator! I tried it awhile ago and I liked
it a lot but it got all funky gunky. It’s supa cheap though and gets the
job done!

Deanna Varisco says:

Funny thing was when your video started I immediately went to the info bar
to see if you listed your makeup. It really looks so so good!

yourfavoritenisha says:

are you able to talk more about your hair colour? i have virgin hair and i
want to colour it and i love your colour

crystal ann says:

Ok this has nothing to do with your video but that stupid lash sensational
commercial is gonna make me go crazy…

Mickey Worsley says:

Friday favorites are my absolute fav!


I have the mini bullett.. people, if you want to feel good, feel alert,
detoxify your body… get any series of the nutri bullet.. you WILL
seeriously throw out your coffee and get so addicted to nutri bullett fast
smoothies… you can make them literally in less than a minute…..

Debbie B. says:

Your skin looks awesome honey…so that Nuglow must work!! It’s been an
awful winter for dry skin this year! Those little dolls playing makeup &
you tube..good that you have it filmed..great memories!!! Love your little
bullet thingy too…might have to get me one…Have a geat weekend
hon…Hugs..Deb:) xox

momroxx says:

Loved the video. You should do a tutorial on smoothie making. Totally not
makeup related but you would be awesome at doing one like that with your

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