Ezzy Day In The Life

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vetiandeb says:

Eww algaenin drink ahhh

joycechansamantha says:

When u ready come n get it na na na na na na na na

Frankiezzy says:

that’s gonna be my food channel name, ezzy cute chef

callyssan says:

Frankie, in case it hasn’t been mentioned. I seriously think they recalled those neti pots. Not sure on the reason.

Frankiezzy says:

It’s not the best, but it’s awesome, and cheaper than a vitamix. It’s not really a juicer either, but it blends everything so much, plus the water you add to it makes it basically pure liquid. I love it, Jen and I use it everyday. So ya I recommend it as long as you follow the instructions 🙂

Linda Maga says:

watching this made me hungry hahahah

Frankiezzy says:

Whole Foods!

mscarmen9342 says:

I want to juice! is the nutri bullet the best juicer to get?

MrsSawaya says:

Thanks Frankiezzy!!!!!

Jeny Davis says:

Oo is that the magical bullet?

lexygv says:

OMG! I work @ that Ulta, but didn’t work yesterday! 🙁

Frankiezzy says:

Close, it’s a Nutri-bullet

Frankiezzy says:

Ya I’ve heard of some of them being recalled, it’s bad if you use regular water and not filtered or different ish, i’m pretty careful about it, I use filtered water, microwave it even, and use the specific salt mixes they sell at stores for it

mysonruns says:


biterchocolate says:

Frankiezzy, you are such a cute chef! 😉

MrsSawaya says:

Where did you get the beer

Emily Quinn says:

That looks delish! You should do more cooking vlogs

Frankiezzy says:

I will if I learn how to cook more than pasta lol :)

Frankiezzy says:

lol real grossssss but good for you

Datztite says:

I’m trying to eat healthy but it’s hard to when everything very expensive

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