Blendtec vs Nutribullet, Magic Bullet, Ninja and Nutri Ninja

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Blendtec vs Nutribullet, Magic Bullet, Ninja and Nutri NinjaI have invested over $600.00 in blenders in my quest to find the perfect blender that extracts the nutrient from fruits and vegetables. I recently bought the…


ahsriana08 says:

Great video! I always wanted know which one works the best. Thanks 

barepantrytalk says:

Hi Angie and Helen, I couldn’t answer your comments earlier because I had
to take the video down as it was being really glitchy. I re-uploaded and
now all is working well now. I really love this new one. I made
spinach/banana ice cream today. Woo hoo.

A Lionel Rees says:

I love the review. Please return all the blenders and buy a Vitamix 5200 or
model. The Vitamix blenders can do magic. They can even turn beef into! You can also get a factory rebuilt unit with warranty. I
have used
my Vitamix three times a day without any problems, for years.

Best wish to you and the Family this xmas.

Helen Lane says:

VIDEO! lol I want to use mine for my daily smoothies, homemade butters,
peanut butter, almond butter etc and homemade real butter. Make my own
flours from grains. I hate giving my money to stores when I can go to the
grain mill and purchase my corn and wheats in bulk and grind my own and at
a serious fraction of the cost! Example, 50 pounds of corn for less than
$10! Since doing my daily green smoothie for the last 6 months all my blood
work, including diabetes! are normal! I grind my ingredients up with water,
freeze in ice cube trays and place in gallon freezer bags. I use spinach or
kale, stalk celery, oatmeal & cream of wheat (cooked together) small sweet
potato, carrot, couple dates, almond butter or peanut butter , orange and a
banana! Have also added, blueberry or some other fruit! The orange kills
the taste of the Kale !Yes that is a lot I know but I refreeze the overage
for the rest of the week!

marie Savino says:

Great review Barbara. You could really see the difference in consistency.
Money well spent!

barepantrytalk says:

Hey Lionel, I know I saw a question from you before about the Christmas
giveaway. We won’t have it this year because mom and dad had to go to
Belize on an emergency in October so they can’t make the trip this December
too. They will go in February and and hold a brunch for the elderly. Mom
has been donating to Sister Cecelia’s Home this past year and they have
been so grateful. They love getting board games and puddings and diapers
etc. I probably won’t ever my the Vitamix because I like how simple this
Blendtec is. NO plunger to try to find. lol

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