Atheltic Neknomination – Neknom For Athletes

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Atheltic Neknomination - Neknom For AthletesPosted on my Facebook, thought I’d share with my friends on YouTube as well. my Facebook: Niatoos Dadbeh *ATHLETIC NEKNOMINATION* My own rendition of alcohol…


Pirispanen says:

I think those beer challenges are fucking ridiculous. This at least has a
little sumsum in it.since you have to make your own drink. Good stuff.

Prince Vegeta says:

How badly did you wanna puke that up lmao

pbhenry3 says:

I can eat or drink pretty much anything without complaining…… but this
looks fucking disgusting!

JorgeGuitarJaming says:

Haha was waiting for a big spill gj

Mark Macqueen says:

BIG Respect dude for not chugging that back up…LOL!

Steven Gonzalez says:

Hey toos. U took it like a champ that was pretty gross lol 

hulk31990 says:

u drink that like its nothing 

Nicolas Noël de Tilly says:

Inb4 4 scoops of original Jack3d kills someone

MattDoesFitness says:

I like this a lot. Good thinking dude

thelogicalbro says:

Can’t watch…too gross !!!!

Brian Nielson says:


Mista Collins says:

That looks like it tastes like fresh ass. Power to you.

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