Almond Milk: Paleo/Primal quick easy recipe

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Almond Milk: Paleo/Primal quick easy recipeHere is how I make my almond milk. Just wanted to show yall how quick and easy it is to make your own. Thanks again for watching.


Susan W says:

Thanks this is great and easy!

BigGirlHiddenAthlete says:

yes i do have food intolerances and paleo has helped out. If you have never done paleo start of doing the whole30. check out website whole9life and click on the whole30. it was a great program to kick start my paleo lifestyle. They also have a book call “It’s starts with Food” Awsome book. I had so many AHA moments reading it.

StarFlower99654 says:

Hi there, hoping for an update video on how well the diet is working. I am subbing, Thanks, friend!

MsBeautifulalicia says:

I just got a nutribullet and I have to try this thanx

Erika Lee says:

AHHHH! I’ve been wondering where you went girl!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for more videos!! 🙂

Rain Whispering says:

hey i came across your videos and they are great! please keep doing them with the paleo food hauls. thanks and best luck to you! oh do you have allergies at all? i know people who have been cured by their intolerances by doing the paleo diet and im going to be doing it soon.

BigGirlHiddenAthlete says:

thanks. Been really busy with work and renovating my house but I will keep them coming. thanks for watching

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