ALL NEW Vitamix S55 Personal Blender Review

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ALL NEW Vitamix S55 Personal Blender ReviewVISIT ME @WWW.BLENDINGWITHHENRY.COM All New Vitamix S55 Personal Blender Review 10 Recipes. Check below for recipe time frames @5:46 Carrot Apple Juice @10:10 Apple Beet Juice …


Johnnie Williams says:

Sounds like a jet about to take off!

Lenny Gale says:

Henry! 10 recipes with timestamps? Way to raise the bar. 🙂

Great work, bud.

Bluesocks 11 says:

Woah that baby is a beast! Vitamix must of been provoked by the competitor
lol to make such a beasty machine. 

Darcey DeRosa says:

Henry, will this do what a juicer does?

Greg_Laurie says:

Another awesome video by Henry! Thank you for everything you share with

Turandot29 says:

“It’s not a nut sack!” LOL! Comment of the week! LOL!

Henry PJ says:

Hey you guys! FINALLY I have the new Vitamix S55 Personal Blender Review!
Check it out! 

kberken says:

Henry is great to work with. I bought an extra container thru him and was
very satisfied with the service!

HotVoodooWitch says:

Keep the seeds in your apple, Henry (look up “nitrilosides”).
Very nice demo! And if I might add, I think these are your best recipes

joe bernal says:

Hi Henry loving the videos ! My wife been wanting a vitamix for awhile now
. We just recently got one 3 days ago loving it !!

CommentKid3000 says:

Man I really wish I could afford a Vitamix!

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