All New Ninja Ultima Blender vs. VITAMIX 750 SHOWDOWN!!

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Tiana Miller says:

Loved ur video. Just saw this commercial on tv tonight before I left for work. Love my 750

tod says:

for those who are educating them selves you should not take one man’s perspective for an item. This individual claims that he is bringing awareness to consumers however I find his videos to be subjective and highly bias. let’s be straight forward of course there are pros and cons to any item. The average consumer cannot afford a blender that cost six to seven hundred dollars however ninja and it’s new series the ultima does a good job providing a product that does everything that the Vitamix does I will not say that it does it better but it’s very comparable. I have both the Vitamix and the new ninja ultima and I can honestly say that those who bought the new ninja will not be disappointed. It’s a major improvement from ninjas1500 is good to do your own research but 1 has 2 go out and try the product themselves. You can purchase both items at Costco or bed bath and beyond and try it. If you don’t like the product take it back but I’m pretty sure that you will be OK with the new nature the only retails for 200 to $260 vs pain $600 for the Vitamix. Furthermore, I must emphasize I do not work for ninja nor do I work for Vitamix but one has tonot be a sheepand take one man’s perspective. To all my consumers every penny countsand we all want to be happy with our purchase. If you want a product that can liquify all type of fibers from greens you can get back in the ninja and also the Vitamix if you want an item that can make butter you can get that in the ninja in the Vitamix if you want an item that make ice cream you can get that in the ninja in the Vitamix one of the major pros at the Vitamix hasits tamper bar which allows you to push things down and the blender .the things that Henry was claiming that the ninja does not do I kind of felt was reflected on the operator let’s be honest when you first purchased any type of Blender it takes time to adjust and pretty much your first couple of blends may be successful or average but you continue to get better as you become more familiar with the Machine.

Henry PJ says:

I hope so but it seems that both Blendtec and Vitamix’s latest top models are available only in the USA. Not sure the reasoning behind it though.

chavitavb says:

yay thanks for reviewing that ninja blender! I saw it at stores and wondered how it worked. 😀 TY!

Gaelle Paradis says:

soooo not bias henry!!!!…you sell vitamix..i dont even know why you do comparisons when you want people to buy your product

Henry PJ says:

Thank you Amy! I always appreciate your support.

chavitavb says:

I’m confused about the math part :P ninja won 🙁

Henry PJ says:

You’re so very welcome. Thank you for your kind words.

BBLove NYC says:

I rather be a wise shopper and educate myself before purchasing an item that just full of hype, and be sides we are not obligated to purchase anything, so thank you Henry for your reviews on these products.

Michael says:

I appreciate the reviews as well, but it is obvious that this was more a marketing video similar to that of the Ninja. The goal was to sell the benefits of Vitamix and slam the Ninja. However, one thing that bothered me is that when boiling the water he did not have the pour spout open in the ninja to prevent the water from steaming and pouring over. I just tried testing this out in my Ninja, and after two minutes the water didn’t even start to get warm. I wonder how long Henry had it on to get it to the point of boiling. Additionally when considering the ninja over Vitamix, one of my concerns was the friction of the vitamix causing heat when blending fruits and veg. Heat will kill many of the phytonutrients. To me, it seemed like vitamix saw an issue with the heat and decided to try to put a positive spin on it. When people are primarily blending things that melt (ice, nut butters, dough, etc.) why would heating to boiling be desirable? I am in no way sold on the Ninja completely either – I’m just annoyed with trying to seek the truth and having spin doctors try to feed it to me.

chavitavb says:

Wait how do you put high on the 750? While on variable

Redmond Wood says:

I have the newer wider type Vitamix container with bigger blades. Vitamix IS the ultimate blender. It chops and blends to PERFECTION. The newer model is a lot more quieter also. The materials it uses are the safest for food preparation. The container is made of a newer type of hard plastic containing NO BPAs or any of the other bisphenals. Its super safe for hot liquids. Its scary that the Ninja contains lead. How are they allow to sell it? Only buy Vitamix!!!!!

vanillahugz says:

Will we ever be able to buy the 750 in canada?

Henry PJ says:

Hey Chavitavb! Thanks for dropping by. Variable 10 on the 750 is HIGH. So like on the 5200 series there’s a HIGH switch, Variable 8 on the 750 is Variable 10 on the 5200. 

JennieMUA says:

i love my 750, nothing compares

Amy Wong says:

Henry, I always enjoy watch your videos!! what a great comparison videos between these two brands. Especially when Ninja got stuck making ice to snow. lol.

Michael says:

In the manual it states to blend ice use the top blades. When it got “stuck” turning ice to snow it was being used according to the manual.

vanillahugz says:

Great video…thanks

Henry PJ says:

Hi Grrymjo. Oh rats, I forgot to address that in the video. That was one of the points I wanted to bring up. Other than making Snow Cones there really isn’t too many other reasons (other than the theatrics) I can think of to create ice into snow in your blender. Ninja uses this as an advertising feature but it’s really not a big feature. Thanks much. I’ll try and note that in the video.

ZeGoonSquad says:

Thanks for getting this video up, I was about to buy the new Ninja on impulse, thank god the store I went to was out of stock. I actually looked to see if you had put up a comparison before I went out. This really disappoints me, I was hoping ninja would step up their game with this one. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to shell out the extra cash

Grrymjo says:

What is the purpose of turning ice into snow?

Henry PJ says:

Hi Gaelle, thanks for your post. The whole purpose of my comparison videos is to bring awareness of products that compare themselves to high-end commercial-grade blenders. I didn’t become a Vitamix Affiliate until late May of this year. My first comparison video was on the Blendtec vs. Vitamix. That was back in February, followed by the Ninja 1500 vs. Vitamix in April. I wasn’t selling anything at the time. I honestly like to help my viewers make an informed decision.

jim c says:

henry: You rock..I wont buy Ninja, Lead… really… lead?!!! Vitamix still rules!!

Michael says:

I just purchased my Ninja and have been enjoying it. I saw this video and considered returning my ninja. I called Ninja and asked what parts contain lead. I was told that the lead is only in the paint on the box that the ninja comes in, and that it is not actually in the product.

Tim says:

The lead is in the plug only. While I am not happy with that, it isn’t in anything that comes in contact with good. Most power cords are laced with lead.

CG says:

I was looking into the new Ninja when I came across your video. First point….. in real terms of cost the Ninja is about 1/3 the cost. If you take your Bed Bath and Beyond 20% off coupon (which excludes Vitamix but not Ninja) the cost is $208 vs $600. While it’s obvious the quality of Vitamix is much higher (hence the cost difference) your comparison of the functionality of the 2 units is a bit misleading. You are not following the recommendations for using the Ninja. For both chopping and nut butter the Ninja manual says to use both bottom and top blades… you are only using the bottom blades. So while only using the bottom blades looks more comparable to the Vitamix it’s not how the Ninja should be used to do those jobs. I don’t work for any of the above companies… I was just trying to balance this review for others who may be considering this.

Michael says:

I just purchased my Ninja and have been enjoying it. I saw this video and considered returning my ninja. I called Ninja and asked what parts contain lead. I was told that the lead is only in the paint on the box that the ninja comes in, and that it is not actually in the product. I will continue to try out stuff like frozen fruit and let you know how my ice cream comes out.

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