900W Nutri-Bullet and a Healthy Kale Smoothie

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900W Nutri-Bullet and a Healthy Kale SmoothieHealthy Kale Smoothie’s will be one of my many healthy meals off grid in a RV. But I will warn you now ….so will fat juicy cheeseburgers !!!! LOL.


RV4LIF3 says:

Nice! looks good :)

RV Lady says:

If you’re not a ‘pitchman’ you’ve missed your calling. Really comprehensive
and it is definitely less work than my Ninja or Juiceman. Sold! Now the
question is: Do I have to turn on my generator to use it? 900W (I think) is
too much for house battery. Thanks for the mention and the demonstration
(well video’d btw).

Deb Putman says:

Thanks for this informative video! You are definitely “looking good” (was
that from Chico and the Man?..lol) Also, thanks for the shoutout and for
gettin’ my name right..lol 😉 So…coconut water or plain water is great to
use….and the dressings you can make, with that wonderful contraption..for
salads or dippin’ those delish veggies in. Adding a sprig or two of mint
would have added a little tasty sumpin’ sumpin’ to those delicious
smoothies. Black and Decker makes some good tools and a fairly decent
blender, for me…., so I’m glad that you mentioned chewing your smoothie,
somewhat…lol Sometimes, depending on the quality of your blender, one
might have to settle for funky chunky, intead of that
smoothie….lol……digestively, we can work with that…lol 😉
Lastly…if your bananas ripen faster or go browner than you would
like……throw 2 or 3 in a zip lock baggie….into the freezer….for ice
cold smoothie nanners….lol 😉 Nicely done video! ;)

Kelly Sheridan says:

is it bad that I was eating Mac&cheese while watching this ? Because it
does feel kinda bad ! 

BlackTop Boondocker says:

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