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THE OFFICIAL NUTRIBULLET RX REVIEWMeech is reviewing the new Nutribullet RX. This was purchased at bed bath and beyond. Like us on Facebook Instagram


Carol Napolitano says:

I’m so glad, they have a larger cup, can you stop it early if you wanted
too? That’s funny they talked that way, I bet people will read it and not
pickup on that,but you caught it though. 

Learnto Crochet says:

“…has gone turned off”. My 14 yr old son and I thought that was
hilarious. We couldn’t stop laughing. 

OneTallman says:


Sunshyne3640 says:

This initial review was good and I am looking forward to the rest of your
thoughts on this after you’ve gone over every aspect of it. But….I must
confess, I am positively in love with my Nutri Ninja. Your review on it was
solid and that’s what sold me. As always, thank you both!!

Kevin Frazier says:

Someone put this guy on the payroll for Nutribullet Inc.

Alan Machbitz says:

Great video, Meech! I’m just using the regular plain old NutriBullet, but
once it croaks, I will probably go to the Rx.. BTW, My girfriend says she’s
from the hood, but she’s not ignorant. And she DOES talk “like that”

herbertx416 says:


Matthew Dambrosi says:

I love the nutribulletrx except that it is extremely loud, but I can get
over that aspect. The other issue I had is the inner rubber ring
occasionally gets loose and raps itself around the blade. It still works
but melted a ring around the blade. I am concerned that it can’t handle
frozen items like it states or by luck purchased a defect.

Matthew Guerrero says:

I don’t know which book to follow, my nutribullet 900, or should I switch
to the RX booklet? I have both the 900 and Rx. I am just so confused which
one I should stick by. It seemed I was getting good results from the 900,
but the Rx has some good recipes from their new book as well. Should I just
fill the 900 cups up with my normal meals and put it into the RX short cup?
I have a lot of questions for you. haha. 

herbertx416 says:


Randy Ransford says:

Do you have a video to explain the blade removal tool in full?

nutribullettime says:

hey awesome video Rackboyz! 

T Gee says:

Lol at ‘who talks like that.’ Great vid. 

Wayne Fields says:

I like your reviews, very good and thorough. I’m gonna go check out the
Nutri Ninja IQ review next. Just wanted to say thanks for doing this
service so we can make an informed decision when we purchase which ever one
we decide to buy.

Jose Maldonado says:

Your reviews are well put together. It is because of them, that I decided
to buy the Nutribullet Rx from Target. I love it so far and didn’t even
have to read its included instructions since your videos took care of that.
Keep up the good work, I love the machine so far and will use the hell out
of it.

tastyisland says:

Another awesome review!

Stephanie Smith says:

I hate to be that girl, but you are very handsome with a likable
personality and it made sitting through a 9 min video that much easier

Myxel Plix says:

Yeah the Ninja has my money. The blade breaking on the Bullet was very
disconcerting and dangerous. No resolving issues and their reply was “it’s
not made for crushing ice” although clearly it’s advertised as an excellent
ice crusher from several marketers. 

Ikari Imortal says:

hahah that was amusing, i’d do the same thing while waiting

Jack Black says:

So far this NB RX rocks!
I’ve had it for about a month, not really going by any diet yet but plan to!
I bought it at best buy it was better than any internet deal, they had a
online coupon for 20% off and when I went there I opened a credit account
that took like 1 minute literally and I have not paid a cent for this yet &
I’ve had it for about a month also zero interest for 18 months.

I did have to returned the first one I had because of the rubber gasket
problem which I read about before I bought it. It shredded the gasket
pretty good. I am learning why it does this. 2 reasons why I think it does
this, 1 over filling the mixing container (it has a max fill line on it) &
two not using the tool it comes with to tighten the blade unit down onto
the container.

I over filled the current one I have and the gasket just came off it didn’t
shred thank God, but I did over fill it. You have to pay attention to the
over fill line specially if you have heavier foods. I also fill with liquid
up to line, I am currently using aloe vera juice & coconut water which is
tasteless yet very healthy.

This machine is truly bad ass, it seriously pulverizes the food into a
liquid, I’ve made smoothies in blenders in the past & also used juicers.
The blended smoothies gets old quick because there so thick & the juicer
you loose all the fiber & they are a messy pain in the butt to use.

This Nutribullet RX pulverizes the food so good its very much liquidy and
real easy to drink and actually very tasty. If it’s to thick ad more liquid
to your mix.
I just throw in what I want & hope it comes out. I ad about 1/4 veggies to
3/4 fruit, sometimes I ad protein & oat meal if I am making it a meal. At
least 95% of the drinks I have made have been totally awesome & I am sure
if I start using recipes it will be even better.

The soup setting works very well, the soup is seriously hot in 7 minutes. I
am still experimenting with this. The few I made came out kind of thick but
I just added chicken broth after the blend was done & it was great I also
added solid food & some meat & it was even better. There’s recipes for soup
in the book it comes with which many sound good & I will eventually be

If your like me I was eating real bad, rarely eating fruit & veggies pretty
much no fruit and little veggies. I was not really eating half the time &
when I did it was burgers, fries, burritos or nothing & occasionally I’d
eat some healthy food but not much & on top of it I drink so I knew this is
not going in a good direction & I decided to try this NB RX with really no
big hopes other than the really good reviews I’ve been reading for I
believe the last year so I didn’t jump on board right away.

Now I’ve been having a drink once a day for pretty much every day since
I’ve had it and I do actually feel better and I am not even close to tired
of these drinks there really good & very healthy & super easy to use I mean
real easy & clean up is easy as well.

I’ve been having a egg sandwich with chia seed (suppose to be real healthy
& filling) & a Nutribullet fruit (using chia seed in the NB RX will thicken
the drink) drink in the morning lately & not only is it filling it is
totally awesome I also throw down a few vitamins.
Now I just need to get off my lazy fat but & exercise & try to cut back
on the drinking or cut the drinking completely.

All in all, so far this machine rocks, I feel better, I’m getting a lot of
nutrition in my body & it is really good tasting & I am sure I haven’t
scratched the surface of all the other tasty things I can make with this

I never right reviews about anything and many things deserve a good review
I’m just to lazy! However I felt compelled to right it on this and look at
the length of this review?

Also this is my first Nutribullet ever and as I said I really didn’t expect
it to be this amazing I had them blended thick smoothies in my mind and
this thing is not even close to that, yuck! Just make sure to ad liquid &
if you like it cold ad ice!

It’s refundable you might have to pay return shipping unless you buy at a
local store like I did. Just make sure they have a return policy and if you
do buy it at a local store look for a coupon online. I am not sure if best
buy still has the 20% off deal but if they do that’s a pretty good deal
specially with the 18 month interest free deal like I said I have not paid
one penny yet.

I give this product a 10 out of 10 for sure!!!
Hopefully it stays this way & if it don’t I certainly will be back!

Laura says:

I love,love,my Nutribullet RX,I can use my greens,fresh or frozen fruit,nuts ice,it blends everything! I have never had any problems! I have also made hot soup. I clean it with a drop of soap and warm water and run it for a few seconds,rinse and dry and done. I give it ten of ten stars.

Laura says:

I just got my new Nutribullet RX and have been using it every day for the last week. I need to find some better recipes though. Because I think the recipes in the book is pretty tasteless. I love the soup blast but again need better recipes.

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