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THE NUTRIBULLET 600 SERIES REVIEW & DEMONSTRATIONWe are talking about the Nutribullet , Its better than a juicer. Like us on Facebook Instagram


Brad W says:

Thanks for the video. Just bought mine today. Good luck on getting the show

mjgnugget suarez says:

hi Rackboyz, when you dropped the glass did it break?thanks for sharing.

Luis Alcaraz says:

Gonna Buy one today. Good Videos Bro!

brokenconstitution says:

If you are really interested in getting a show, I have an idea. I am in the
process of creating a lifestyle through diet and exercise, to get me
healthier. I have an incurable degenerative autoimmune disease and I am
constantly sick. My goal is to be healthier, sick less often. I am also
very poor so part of what I am trying to get a handle on my health issues,
gain some control over this illness but do it on a food stamp budget. Most
sick people in this country are extremely poor and living on foodstamps and
literally have no extra money to spend on food. People in my position can
definitely use a guide. I could see a network digging that idea.

Colleen K. Peltomaa says:

Tested kale and apple twice on new Nutribullet 900. Remove the stems,
chop the apple, add liquid to desired thickness and pulse for about 30
seconds. As Rackboyz says, adding a banana makes it smoother. With a
bit of stevia I am finally able to drink my kale and that is why I
initially purchased the NB-900.

Beth K says:

I just got my nutribullet! I have been doing alot of research on what i can
use it for. Your video was very informative, I cant wait to see more.

David8024667 says:

I didn’t have time to watch your whole video. I will do that when I have
more time. Just busy all the time. And, hardly have any time to myself.
But, I was just wondering if you could tell me whether you think a blender
would work just as good as the Nutribullet, in your opinion? 

Isaac Sogunro says:

Can’t wait to get mines next week.
Good job! Hope you get that show.

nelisà rash says:

I wanna see your dick

Pris A says:

Great video, thanks!

Latasha Lake says:

Hey, you did a great job on this. Wow I am for sure going to buy the
I have SLE Lupus and fibromyalgia. I am sick almost everyday. I am hoping
this product works. I am in a lot of pain everyday and my immune system is
not well at all. The doctors have me on 10 medications and I feel they are
harming me instead of helping me. So how much is it exactly for all the
fruits and vegetables each time do you pay? Thanks again for sharing this
video. I will pass it on to my friends. Thanks A lot. Latasha lake

Kimberly Rhoades says:

Great video. It’s nice to see it in action, with a real person doing a
demo, instead of someone just talking about it. I juiced for about a week,
it’s time consuming & was a pain to clean up. Thank you for taking the
time to show me how easy this is to use! I’m super excited to try it.

Dedra Onwuka says:

i also give it to my daughter and she loves it! she don’t eat nooooo
veggies but this is the best way to get it in her system!

quartkilla says:

My boyfriend and I went out tonight and purchased a Jack Lalanne juicer and
I so wish I would have seen this video beforehand! The nutribullet takes up
less space and looks like easier clean up. Guess what’s being returned
tomorrow. Thanks for sharing

Kenneth Henriksen says:

This NutriBullet, like the Vitamix, spins much faster than a normal
blender. It actually breaks down the cell structure of the foods – that’s
why your body absorbs it so much better.

nhonore1 says:

Im interested in getting one because my energy has been low. I’m glad I
stumbled upon your channel!

Arthur Cross says:

I have been blending for a couple of months. I just burned up an Oster
Blender, It just couldn’t hold up to all of the usage. I am going to buy
one of these. I blend everything that you have on your video..except the
banana. Great video bro.

michael zuniga says:

atleast you knocked over an empty cup and not your drink 

Kristy C says:

I am so glad I found your video. I have been undecided about which juicer
to buy. I have heard good reviews about Nutribullet but you just totally
sold it. 

Jenna Scott says:

You didnt even drink it

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