The Nutri Bullet For OTR Truck Drivers

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Steven Neill says:

Great video Matt, I may get me one of those. I could definitely do with
some weight loss myself

busguy100 says:

I have one and it works great. Just be sure you have the lid on tight You
should cut back on the calories you are putting into it by adding
NutraSweet and add ice before you grind up the stuff makes it cold

Paul Moran says:

Great review Matt. Think I might get one for the truck. How much and where
is the best place to get one???

atomic3939 says:

Too much trouble.

Anthony Montenegro says:

I need to get myself one of those so while I’m on the road i can lose
weight too 

Luke Grekat says:

Good job! Walk and jog just a liitle in morning and at night.

Luke Grekat says:

The South Beach Diet: The Delicious, Doctor-Designed, Foolproof Plan for
Fast and Healthy Weight Loss

YB da Brimreaper says:

That’s great man. I thought about buying one to bring in the truck with me.
I’m sold. I was also planning on bringing my new Insanity workout DVD set
but I just started running teams so I have to plan around our run to take
30 minutes everyday and and really put in the hard work. 

Mikie Smith says:

You really have no way to keep ice in the truck? If are able to that will
give it a more smoothie affect


Keep up the good content! 

Adan Martinez says:

Careful with apples, they are natures laxative. Don’t over do it with them.

trainerjames2013 says:


Jesse Jones says:

Who is Joey

Saul Colon says:

That must taste very good nice video matt.

Luke Grekat says:

Mainly go with green vegetables for dieting, broccoli, cauliflower, kale,
green peppers, ginger, romaine lettuce, spinach is great, onion, eggs (hard
boiled store in the frig for a week). Apples and Bananas (most fruits) are
high in sugar, the ripper the banana the more sugar, not good for dieting.
Better than a beer and a bag of chips though!

TheLittleGuyTruckerShow says:

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