NutriBullet vs Vitamix Review – Which Is Best? See for Yourself

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NutriBullet vs Vitamix Review - Which Is Best? See for YourselfJohn from demonstrates the NutriBullet Superfood Extractor – As Seen on TV and Compares it to the Vitamix Turboblend VS. In t…


cutleyaz says:

I make hummus in my 5200 all the time. I use the 48oz capacity carafe so I am not digging it out in the deeper 64oz carafe. It works great!

jmusic45 says:

Nutribullet may be good for traveling as it’s small, but I’ll stick with the Vitamix as it’s made in the US, and probably will last 3 times as long as the NutriBullet. I like the Nutribullet as fall as size, but anything beats stuff made in China.

rawfoods says:

please see

Lisa Veneri says:

@Ferarri4444 Out of touch really? Have you ever heard of saving your money? The vitamix blows the nutri bullet out of the water. Nutri bullet would be great for travel but would never hold up to the amount of blending I do. You pay for what you get…quality made in Usa or made in China. Maybe you wouldnt spend $500 but many people do and they last a lifetime

cm hill says:

Hi John, My nurtribullet heated up my vegetables after blending for 1 minute. I was drinking a warm smoothie! My question is, why did the nutribullet yield a darker colored flax seed powder from the vitamix? Could the nutribullet be overheating and cooking the nutritional qualities in the nutriblasts? The flax powder should have been the same color shouldn’t it? You should test the nutribullet with other blenders to see if it happens again!

mrpower328 says:

Just grind the flax seeds in a coffee grinder. That’s the best thing to do

rawfoods says:

The point of straining the mixture in this video is to show the particle size that each blender created. If you want a juice, use a juicer that removes the fiber/pulp. The machines shown in this video are blenders that combine the liquids and fibers in the juice. For the differences, see:

Lisa Veneri says:

@Jane Sorensen Love my Vitamix too! Wr have the turbo 750 wide carafe that came out within the last year. I use it everyday, several times a day. You definately pay for what you get and its worth it to save your money for it. Besides its made in the USA not china!

1007creative says:

can you please let us know if the nutribullet or the vitamix is healthy as juicing with omega vrt350 HD. Whats is the difference health wise. why not eat the pulp. Thanks

rawfoods says:

I use a combination of the vitamix and the Omega VRT to make coconut milk. Please see my other video where I show this:

destrian says:

Thank you for telling the truth! Basic marketing is taking advantage of us cause we’re not used to reading. Good blenders, good juicers… these are old concepts but our new generation needs to be re-educated. Thanks John. I bought my Omega 8004 from you… I dont regret it and I’ve never consumed as many vegetables and fruits! Thanks and KEEP GOING! Start doing Google Plus Health Hangouts that air live globally and are stored on Google!

Rawvegan Grandma says:

I have had my Vitamix for about a month and I just can’t say enough about it. I use it every day, sometimes 2 & even 3 times a day. I did have a little accident with the plastic piece that screws on to the lid, so I have to call the company to see if I can get another one. I even get my husband to have smoothies that I make from the Vitamix & he’s a SAD eater!

sojournes says:

Love my vitamix but when I bought the nutribullet, I put it away. Nutribullet is a great machine and I don’t mind making the smaller batches, it doesn’t take long for me because I’m organized. The only downfall is that it’s made in China. The price of the vitamix is restricting (severely) so if it goes, it will not be replaced once out of warranty.

Rafael Garay says:

Your straining song is the best! Haha. Great video comparing both products.

itsno1duh says:

I really do like my nutribullet John BUT in less than 6 months I noticed the plastic vessels chipping on the INSIDE. Also when I added hot water to it for a blended herbal drink the spines around the vessels developed hairline cracks. The small vessels now have very fine cracks still usable but when the liquid is juiced it comes through the cracks especially when running. Also the large size is 24 oz but you can only fill to 18 oz or it leaks. @1 yr the blades are dull! bummer!!

rawfoods says:

For composting pulp, using worms is the best. I do have videos on composting on my other youtube channel

hardin54 says:

I love my VITAMIX and use it everyday !!!!!!

duchessaustria says:

I have a vitamix and just bought bullet for traveling.

BunderaKZT says:

It may not be a fair one but this is the most asked question I have from my customers.

Thanks John for your video!! You ROCK!!

MsBestsunshine says:

yes buy american support companies here get us back working on american soil!!!!!!! I did!!! love my vitamix use it daily it is wonderful! I love it! smooties nut butter dressings sauces, even juices once swquezzed thru a nut bag wow it does it all and it heats up with longer time to make soups.

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