NutriBullet by Magic Bullet-Review

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NutriBullet by Magic Bullet-ReviewNutriBullet is one of the best tools to change the way we eat, that is, to make a healthier way. It can ensure you that you will receive 100% daily servings …


skate8709 says:

is it ok to mix all those supplements together??

Mike Nash says:

you can buy it in the UK from the aggressive health shop

domepopnmonkey says:

ur not suppose to put anymore stuff above the line or ur gunna mess it up!!

Ashish Gupta says:

Hi, have you discovered “Fat Blast Formula”? (search for it on google) You will learn about the crimes we commit against ourselves. With “Fat Blast Formula”, you will discover how to shed fat quickly.

Maria Alvarez says:

I have and loooooove it!!

Jamie Forrest says:

hey two more things for you to add at the end i do this is chia seeds and flax seed the chia has good omegas and the flax is good fibre good video dude keep up the good work

gabbydeb says:

What i do to buy veggies and fruits, is to keep a close eye on my local grocery sales papers. You can often find sales on the more common fruits and veggies, like apples, tomatoes, grapes, carrots, broccoli, ect. Kale is pretty cheap also. Here is something we do, to stretch our dollar, and that is purchase freezer bags, and the bread and food bags. We separate our purchased green veggies in to servings, and then bag it and freeze it.
No wasting food this way.

Adobetube555 says:

Nutribullet is just more powerful. Spins much faster and blade is made differently.

HeedAndSucceed says:

Economical choice. Works great.

Sam Towns says:

This blender is legit. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the video!

Roelisc says:

just ordered this! cant wait!

Jesse Navarrete says:

add more water?

ibowman64 says:

Great video. I almost use exact ingredients. Have you found any greens that go with chocolate protein powder? So you love this blender? My regular blender leaves my greens a little chunky

DroogInPhoenix says:

Probably a little late, but Bed Bath And Beyond, $100, and 20% of coupon for 1 item when you sign up for their emails.

michyh89 says:

What am I doing wrong mine come out like a smoothie , anyone ca you help me Ty 🙂 I see everyone else comes out like a liquid .

Dae Park says:

what’s the difference between Magid bullet and Nutri bullet?

johnieporter2 says:

Thats what I was wondering myself. thanks

Araceli Gopar says:

Hey everybody, they also sell this at target.

sham8723 says:

Looks fantastic but that shake probably cost you like $13. Of course i’m not saying your body isn’t a good place to invest your money, i’m just saying i’d be deal shopping for fruits and veggies.

MrTolgig says:

hi , it can crush ice aswell ?? those stuff you put in plus ice , is it ok ? thanks

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