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NUTRI NINJA PRO VS THE NUTRIBULLET 900 COMPARISON REVIEWWe are comparing the nutri ninja vs the nutribullet 900 series. Both have 900 watts of motor power. There is an extractor war going on. Who is going to come …


Erica Hirsch says:

Do you ever freeze your bananas?

mysmilewow says:

I always take that rubber ring out after blending to wash it. It goes back
in no problem. Now I want a nutrininja. 

Michael Propst says:

I have a NutriBullet and have had the seal also pop out a couple times
usually it is when I have overfilled and the blending caused a vacuum that
sucked it out. I just took advantage of the situation to clean the seal
good with it out

H3RNAND3Z says:

Ya it happened to me too put you just pop it back in.

threedabs glenn says:


williams13man says:

I got my Nutribullet in January and that seal always comes out. 

thswsup says:

Thanks! I’m going to get the Ninja!

Christsof8thful says:

Thank you. I was so on the fence about which machine to get. Armed with a
fair comparison, I’ll be purchasing the Nutri Ninja Pro. Seems to work
better without any known technical glitches for a lot less than the Nutri
Bullet Pro. Just the video I needed to make up my mind. Yeah these
companies need to cut you a check. Thanks again. 

makeupaddiikt says:

Welp. I will be getting a ninja. Thanx for the side by side comparison! ! 

atebebeful says:

I appreciate your review and I can’t thank you enough for helping me decide
which one to buy. Picked up my Nutri Ninja at Bed,Bath and Beyond with a
20% discount this afternoon and used it right away. I’m so happy with it.

makeupaddiikt says:

Lmao this is a big ass banana

Justin C says:

Another great video, I’ve watched a lot of your videos on the 2 machines. I
think I might be picking up a Ninja based on all the potential problems the
NutriBullet has. Obviously it’s hard to know the long term problems the
Ninja might have, I guess I’ll risk it.

Yorria Raine says:

Think if my nutribullet ever dies I’ll be picking up the nutrininja.
Hopefully it last me another year or two though.

GirlsLiftToo says:

These companies need to be sponsoring you guys, with all the free
advertising. I’m actually considering getting a Ninja.

harry wormald says:

good video keep it up man

goldenglory79 says:

The cup gets put in a vacuum that why the seal pulls out when you take it

xKitty13 says:

I love your review! I’m leaning more towards the ninja but I have one
The nutribullet (my brother has one) has a second blade that he uses for
seeds.(flax, hemp, chia, etc.) And he can grind them down to powder.
I’m wondering, with the nutri ninja, is it good for other seeds too like
the second blade with the nutribullet? Thanks! ^^

Rockin Nikes says:

Mynseal pops out every 2 uses or something like that its very annoying

MrsBoomerFisher says:

Literally got a nutribullet 2 weeks ago! Kind of wishing I would have
waited and got the NutriNinja 🙁 

MrUnr4ted says:

The rubber seal comes off on me too sometimes but its not that big of deal
its made to be cleaned too.

tec727 says:

Thanks for the video. I have a 600 w nutribullet thats on its last leg. The seal comes out, but thats ok because i just wash it. I like the idea of having more cups. So, maybe ill upgrade to the 900. Thanks for the great review!

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