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NUTRI NINJA BLADE VS NUTRIBULLET BLADEWe are comparing the Nutribullet blade with the Nutri Ninja blade. Only one can come out on top…. Like us on Facebook


Rachael Mattocks says:

good review.. thank you!! blade makes a big difference

kortezfitness says:

great review

kidbrown2010 says:

I bought the nutribullet and for about 4 months it was the best product.
Then it just broke. I don’t know if the problem was the machine or the
blade but the thing would just fall apart and all my liquid would get
spilled. Crappy product because of its durability. Then to replace it I
bought an Oster blender for half the price of the bullet and it has worked
just as well. The Nutribullet is a good concept but made of crappy material
that doesn’t last and the “super food” concept is bullcrap. You get the
same smoothy you get out of a blender. It’s not worthy. 

michael zuniga says:

nutribullet blades look like butter knifes 

RackboyzFitness says:
qmurphy22 says:

The nutri 900 pro might compare better . 

60473hellraiser says:

The 900 Pro smokes them all

Fasted Sith says:

Nutra Ninja looks like it’s kicking the Nutra Bullets ass!

LindsayXO XO says:

why no demonstration? that would be the real test! 

mspotts2013 says:

the nutrininja is better than the nutribullet he knows what he talking bout
cause o have both but the ninja blender sucks

mysmilewow says:

Dose the Nutribullet blade fit the nutrininja cups?

makeupwasmyfirstlove says:

i think the ninja is 100 times better i got both.. thx for ur reviews

mysmilewow says:

Dose the Nutribullet blade fit the nutrininja cups?

threedabs glenn says:

hardcore loving it something new:)

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