Magic Bullet Blender – REVIEW

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Magic Bullet Blender - REVIEWReview of the Magic Bullet blender/chopper. Tested the Magic Bullet and results are interesting. Watch this video. This is the Magic Bullet BLACK EDITION, ho…


MrRem300 says:

Here’s a tip:
Try holding it in for chopping…. even though it says not to, it works a
lot better!!

JimsReviewRoom says:

The very popular blender, although PERFECT in some areas, surprisingly not
in others. Still worth a gift to give someone. Priced only at $50. =O

bernnis torres says:

Friend according to the magic bullet book for grinding and shopping is best
to use the flat blade. Now, idk if u have an older version of the product
but if u do then an update would b nice 

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