Little Guy Trucker VLOG 21 May 2014

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AJKandK says:

Jim Hudson did a video a while back on the bullet. He seemed happy with

jason powell says:

How about what you should be asking your recruiters when starting up or
changing companies. Love the videos keep it between the ditches

Ipodbuff says:

Man can you please please when you get into your new truck before you put
the radio into your cubby hole can you show us how to put it up there I
forget how to do it thanks so much!!!!!! I love your channel. 

Danny Ferguson says:

how many years TRUCKING ????

Matthew Barrett says:

Yeah maaaannn…..

Hatch Man says:

What type of truck are you getting?

Yeremy Navarrete says:

How bout sum backing tips and videos 

Jim's Upload says:

A video on worst Highways and Truck Stops.

ChipInSpace says:

Ovens are better.microwave are not safe just google

TheLittleGuyTruckerShow says:
Jim Spath says:

Does Raven have a pet policy?

jmiluso says:

I know you started with Werner do you recommend them for a new driver? I
get my CDL in three weeks and they have made me an offer. I apologize if
you have already commented on this. 

Jim's Upload says:

What kind of pay do you get for pimping the E-Cigs?

Teddy Bear says:

hello matthew my name is lester furr and i have been watching your videos
for a long time now. i live the nice state of oregon and i was wanting to
know if you come out this way? couse i would like to meet you. plus i have
some good news, i am going try to get my cdl this year i would like to see
the open road. i am pre appoved to drive for central refrigeration.

didi1770 says:

I really try to watch your videos but can’t get past the first 5 seconds :(

Truckwitmi says:

I want to know if raven run loads to and from Canada, preferably Ottawa.
Also when are they going to start hiring out of school?

ChipInSpace says:

If anybody wants to get your free cdl:::file for public assistance aka
welfare..make sure you get cash and foods tams.yea they going to send you
to a back to work program.and there you will get a vocher.

LagunaPalms says:

That Nutribullet sounds good, I’ll be watching for those vids. Juicing otr.

jmiluso says:

Thx Chip I’ll check them out.

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