Happy Thanksgiving From The Little Guy (Diet Update & Weigh In)

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Happy Thanksgiving From The Little Guy (Diet Update & Weigh In)Happy Thanksgiving From the Little Guy Trucker Show. Also in this video I do a weigh in. Please Don’t Forget To SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT & LIKE Check out the links…



Same to you Buddy!!! You just motivated me to go weigh myself..lol


the tree is even taller than you this year ?

hell, the tree is taller than you every year !



TheLittleGuyTruckerShow says:
Greg J. says:

Congratulations Matt, way to go. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
I still think you should do what I emailed you about. Anyway thanks for the
video on your day off. Happy Thanksgiving to all of your subscribers and as
always, stay safe and keep on Trucking. Yeahhhhh Mannnnn

Dylan Campbell says:

Congratzz!! And I was wondering if you could do a video of your vape and
just vaping later on anyways thanks for the video and Happy Thanksgiving 


8 1/2 pounds?
did you go to public skool ?

trainerjames2013 says:

Lost 8 lbs & gaining 4 back eating Thanksgiving……lmao. Good job Matt. 

MrMeatman1962 says:

Great job keep going strong

Donald Porter says:

Cool kid chip off the block ..happy holiday s take care

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