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Got my NUTRI BULLET [SARA]I am back in America. Finally got my NutriBullet back, I really missed it. It is way better then the stuff I had in Germany. And weirdly enough I get twice t…


Cameron McCollum says:

youre great thanks

realitytc says:

I’ve got two knock offs and they’re on the smaller size—sometimes I have to make two smaller batches to get a full serving.

carolinabajwa says:

Love this appliance ! Must have!

Caitlin Reum says:


Veniden says:

That sounds tastey

Bobby Chase says:

Nutribullet ; )

TheVlogDieters says:

AWESOME! You’re back, and yea, that damn nutribullet! It drives me crazy with the leaking, but I don’t know what I’d do without it! I actually ended up washing it under the faucet the other day because it was sticking so much and that fixed it right up! I just let it dry upside down next to the sink all night and it was good as new in the morning 🙂 Lookin’ GOOOOD lady! Healthy smoothie is HEALTHY! I can’t enjoy smoothies unless I strain them (unless it’s just frozen fruit) 😛 ~Haley

Maya Velazco says:

I love goji berries :)

VOLTSdj says:

Woohoo! Can’t wait till mine comes in the mail! :)

wewex7 says:

at what time do you drink the shakes? and how many times per day? Thanks

iBug says:

I think I got the same thing that you got in Germany. “Magic Bullet”, “Mr. Magic” … it’s all the same thing with a different label on it. Mine has a 400 W electrical motor. But the NutriBullet should have 600 W, that’s why it’s “creating more volume” like you described it once, the result should be much smoother.

I love smoothies in summer when I don’t want to cook a heavy, warm meal. I just throw in some fruits, vegetables and frozen spinach … super refreshing, quick and easy to clean 😀

TheVlogDieters says:

I had the Magic Bullet back in college a Loooooong time ago and it was awesome, but since I never cooked back then and I didn’t even think to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, it kind of went to waste. The Nutribullet does have more power, but it’s annoying with it’s leaking problem.. drives me crazy, but as long as I keep cleaning it all the time, it works out… 🙂 ~Haley

LaMarudera says:

all berries are in bloom so it’s quite cheap right now 🙂 I let you be jealous….. 🙂

Bobby Chase says:

Did your Butribullet leak into the bottom and can you still use it? Does it continue to leak or does it not leak if you do not overfill it?

LaMarudera says:

yum yum yum…. what can i say… i’ve just eat like a huge box of raspberries 😛

TheVlogDieters says:

NOOOOOOMS! 😛 Rasberries are SOOOO expensive here! I wish I could get a huge box.. frozen berries is all I can afford at the moment, but still delicious! 🙂 ~Haley

iBug says:

Seriously ? My “Mr. Magic” came with 18 pieces (I didn’t count them, it says so on the box) and I have only used 3 of them so far. No leaking so far AND it did cost me less than $40 ! Importing the original NutriBullet from the US would have cost me $150-200.

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