FGSW – NutriBullet Unboxing & First Look

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FGSW - NutriBullet Unboxing & First LookCheck out the NutriBullet:


FatGuySkinnyWallet says:

My friend has one and that is what first prompted us to look into it. It comes with more accessories, so it seems very useful.

FatGuySkinnyWallet says:

We looked at the magic bullet as well because it is cheaper and made by the same company. How do you like it?

FatGuySkinnyWallet says:

Thanks! I love it so far. In fact, I recorded a real review and just need to upload it now.

Lovelycurves81 says:

I just bought the ninja pulse, its ok but I think we might return it and get the nutribullet instead. Cant wait to see your review. Thanks for sharing. God bless!

crazyrunningmom says:

You just put that thing together like it was nothing! Impressed. If I ever get one I’ll do an unboxing and well, it won’t go as well lol
Husband said he would help me burn the old clothes. New ones bought!

FatGuySkinnyWallet says:

The one thing we already don’t like about it is that you only have the option to grind seeds and nuts, or to pulverize food. So your salsa would end up like goop, instead of just small pieces of your vegges mixed up.

Yes, we keep a constant supply of olives in the house, and we haven’t even opened the cheddar from the farm yet. Come on down! 😉

FatGuySkinnyWallet says:

I have already used it to make smoothies and ice cream!

FatGuySkinnyWallet says:

The magic bullet is smaller, costs less, and comes with more options (more cups and more blades). From the reviews that I have read, it would seem that the nutri bullet is better constructed.

Rob Reno says:

I really like this machine and I am getting on in the near future. I want to have one so that I can make salsa and stuff homemade. Also use older produce that may not look the most appealing to eat but is still packed with nutrients. Let me know how everything goes and any amazing recipes that you come up with. Do you still have some of the olives and the sharp cheddar cheese left. I LOVE both. Take care friend Rob Reno P.S> HI Sherrian!!!

williamjamesnicholas says:

what is the difference between the magic bullet ad this one. I have the magic and I love it. I have been playing with smoothies and such.

FatGuySkinnyWallet says:

If you stop by, I’ll make you some ice cream! 😉

FatGuySkinnyWallet says:

Hahaha…I think you can just blame him, he probably won’t mind.

I’m going to do the review and show 2 or 3 concoctions that I make. 😉

Julie Wilson says:

Yay!!!! Jealous!

weepingdaisy2013 says:

I’ve had a magic bullet for years and it has lasted great. Have fun with your new toy!

FatGuySkinnyWallet says:

I will make sure I do the review soon. I plan to make a couple of items on camera as well.

FatGuySkinnyWallet says:

Hahaha…you shouldn’t be impressed with the fact that I pricked myself on the blade!

I can’t wait to see the fat clothes fire!!! 🙂

praryprincess1 says:

Khaleef, I LOVE it. i use it everyday.. The nutra bullet is bigger!!
Lets us know how u like it!! Happy blending, juicing, etc.. hugs, TINA

beacher1967 says:

Great review, thanks for sharing!

MzRae210 says:

This is so awesome Ive been wanting one I know you will put it to good use. Awesome Video cant wait to see more vids. 🙂

TamingTheFoodBeast says:

I have one of those and love it,of course all I do is make a protein shake with it,so some recipes would be great,my book got thrown away with the box,I think it was my husbands fault,yeah thats right it was his fault,lol!

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