FGSW – NutriBullet Review & Demonstration

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FGSW - NutriBullet Review & DemonstrationNutriBullet on Amazon –


Katie2sWeightLoss says:

This is a great review! Thanks Khaleef! :))

FatGuySkinnyWallet says:


John Day says:

Seems to be a few different names for this thing, mines called the Magic Bullet 🙂 Best bit of money I’ve ever spent on a kitchen item 🙂

FatGuySkinnyWallet says:

Thanks! :)

FatGuySkinnyWallet says:

Yeah, this thing has been great for us so far!

traceykartchner says:

I’m curious to find out if the mason jars worked. Did you get a chance to try them? I have the Ninja. It’s great but I wish it had a cup to blend and then drink from. It’s not as powerful as the vitamix but it does a great job. I have a Blendtec blender that is considered h

like the Vitamix. I really like it. It does big jobs very well but doesn’t have the single serving cup for smoothies. A good trick they have for cleaning is to put a small drop of dish soap with water, blend, then rinse.

FatGuySkinnyWallet says:

Sure thing! We love it so far.

FatGuySkinnyWallet says:

Thanks! I am always afraid that my reviews are way too long because I try to cover every detail.

FatGuySkinnyWallet says:

I’ve heard a lot about the Ninja, and we even looked into one. I can’t believe that I went over 34 years without ever hearing of Medjool dates! lol

Thank you so much for confirming that I used the right word. I was worried about sounding ignorant. 😉

MzRae210 says:

Great video thank you for sharing.

Martha D says:

I dont have a NutraBullet but I have a Ninja blender and accessories  I LOVE it! Anywho.. I love the demo. I also use Medjool Dates..so sweet and delish! Finally…Whirlpool is right! lol Just saying. 😀

FatGuySkinnyWallet says:

I tried the mason jars, but even the wide mouth ones are too small for the unit. If you already have a powerful blender/mixer and you are just looking for a convenient unit, you may do well with the Magic bullet since it’s made by the same company but cheaper.

Thanks for the tip about cleaning it. I always struggle with working around the sharp blades.

FatGuySkinnyWallet says:

We looked at that as well, but Sherrian wants to get a Vitamix eventually, so we picked this one up for now. Honestly, I will still check out the ninja when we save enough for the Vitamix, I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.

FatGuySkinnyWallet says:

They are made by the same company, so I think they are very similar. Two things that I noticed (and Tina confirmed them below) is that the nutribullet is larger and more powerful. Although, I do like that you get more accessories with the magic bullet. How do you like yours?

FatGuySkinnyWallet says:

Thanks! Let me know what you think of the ice cream 🙂

FatGuySkinnyWallet says:

Yes, definitely try out the ice cream. I’ve seen people skip the peanut butter and cocoa and just add fruit to it!

Lol…I’m usually the one who gets on my wife about not reading, but for some reason, I didn’t see the part about only using it for 1 minute! 🙂

FatGuySkinnyWallet says:

Thank you, Katie! :)

FatGuySkinnyWallet says:

Thanks Tina! I think that is the best way to describe the difference from what I remember about my friend’s magic bullet. But I do like that she had more accessories.

joyann1968 says:

Great Review My Friend!!! I want to try your Ice cream!

FatGuySkinnyWallet says:

Thanks! I don’t think you’ll regret it if you do.

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