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Trisha's presentTrisha and Kalli helping me in so many ways thru my breast cancer.


Oliver Céleste says:

Hope you’re feeling happy your wonderful spirit is shining through xx

Leisa Tilley says:

Asparagus is supposed to be a good cancer fighting vegetable. My Mom has
breast cancer, she buys canned asparagus. Drain it blend it until it’s the
thickness of baby food & store in refrigerator. Two tablespoons twice a day
is supposed to help :)

Brittany Halstead says:

My uncle had MS and the doctors let him know that the Kale is REALLY good
for you.. Will help you make it through the day.. His MS has gotten worse
where he is not able to walk anymore and is confined to a wheelchair.. But
drinking kale and baking into new recieps gives him hope that even though
he has no cure that will give him the boost of energy to live the few days
he has left on the earth!! Kick cancer’s ass Lenna! 

Alix Rodriguez says:

Hi Ms. P.

I was diagnosed with type two diabetes and have been smoothie-ing and have
been doing great with keeping my glucose down and shedding some pounds. My
favorite mix at the moment for all morning drink for about 1 liter: is
water, drop of stevia, 20 frozen blueberries, 10 large strawberries, half a
banana, a tablespoon of overnight soaked flaxseeds and chia seeds, and a
mix of 3 cups of kale and spinach. It tastes great and I feel good. Hope
you like it. 

Julie Kent says:

I can’t get you out of my head. I will add you to the prayer list at church
next Sunday. Have to say I was surprised to click on your profile and not
only see new videos since the diagnosis but you looking *AMAZING*!! You
rock and are a great example of strength to us all.

Julie Kent says:

Get Trisha’s director friend, Kale, to give you some recipes. He is up on
all that.

LaLaDreamLandLA says:

I usually just put some lemonade and some peeled apple slices in my nutri

Jake Wolff says:

YES YES YES. Your key to healing your body is going to be all about
nutrition to your body. The healthier your body is the better it can heal
the cancer. Try a vegan diet or a fully raw vegan diet and pack in the
fruit and vegetables. Also another thing is getting IV forms of vitamins C
and other vitamins will BE KEY. Look up the person +chrisbeatcancer and
look at his videos he has on his cancer healing journey & many others! All
the best to you!

BeccaBxo says:

I have just gotten into smoothie making too! im so excited! i like an
orange flavored smoothie so i usually put in peeled oranges, a few frozen
strawberries, one banana, some spinach and some flax seed for nutrients!
Then i blend it all together with non fat yogurt and ice cubes and it turns
out amazing!

please let us know how some of your favorite recipes turn out, thatd be a
great video :)

Lucy87 says:

poor Lenna, you now must be so confused with all this nutrition advice (i
guess people are just trying to be helpful). Instead of getting too
confused, I would just suggest trying to stick to a diet of whole, natural
foods and much as possible – lots of vegetables, and food in its most
natural state. Your bullet will be good to get lots of yummy fruits and
veges in. You can test it out as you go, how you feel on certain foods – if
a food doesn’t make you feel great (tired, sleepy, runny nose etc) after
eating it, it is probably not great for your individual body. If you feel
great on a certain food, your body most likely loves it. Try to minimise
your stress as much as possible – i know a hard thing to put into practice.
Watch funny movies, pamper yourself, take walks on the beach. Lots of love 

Linda Kordich says:

Awesome! Just try to make 50% Greens like Kale, Spinach, Parsley, Cilantro
and add LIME juice with a Banana and a bit of fresh ginger and you’re going
to love it! When you’re ready to juice let me know and Jay and I will send
you a juicer. NO promotion here…just love for you and support.

Lucy87 says:

Lenna, i have never commented on here but I really wanted to help you. If
you do some reading you will see the Cancer feeds off SUGAR, repeat –
cancer feeds off sugar. You want try and starve the cancer of it’s
preferred fuel source (sugar). To do this you should really try to stick to
a diet of low carbohydrates (all carbohydrates turn to glucose in the
blood, glucose is just another form of sugar). Stick to a diet of green
leafy vegetables (power house of vitamins), good fats like avocados,
coconut oil, natural nuts, olive oils, and then good sources of protein
like free range eggs, chicken, salmon, white fish, grass fed beef. Stay
away from processed foods, fruits (i know they are natural but so high in
sugar, stick to citrus like lemons and limes), breads, pastries, cakes
cereals, I would even try and caution dairy. I know this first hand as I
did a huge amount of research when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. She
had only had a 20% survival rate. She is now still alive and the drs could
not believe it. Doctors do not have a great knowledge of diet (i think they
only do a couple of days in their whole education of nutrition). I know
this is a really hard change to make but I promise you it will be the most
powerful change you can do to combat cancer – don’t just rely on the
medicince – do ALL that you can to beat this. If you have any questions you
are most welcome to contact me.

Micheal David says:

I’m so glad your being more positive and trying these methods Iv heard they
are really beneficial. Stay strong sending you love and positivity

Joanne Lapadura says:

I have a nutribullet and I put kale spinach blueberries any kind of frozen
fruit and you can’t even taste the kale at all yummy

Emshalinka LaReeda says:

if you want something sweet and chocolatey, melt down dark chocolate and
mix with soy milk and then with straberries. then keep adding milk and ice
until it’s the consistency you like. I love this so much^^^^ it satisfies
craving for chocolate!!! I hope this helps!

Elaine Rice says:

Yes★I’m so very happy for you! You will definitely have results but you
need to be persistent and try to keep away from meat and dairy as it
actually agitates the cancer to grow. Lenna you will also have loads of
support from us. This video made my day and I’m truly happy for you, much
love & peace ♥♥♥♥

Ryan Garloff says:

Nice! I need one of those so I can start being more healthy and drinking
healthy smoothies. xD

kendracorpse says:

love ya mama paytas! love that you are posting videos more now 🙂 <3

Amy Mazz says:

One of my favs is chocolate Isopure, instant expresso powder, a dollop of
Greek yogurt, truvia, dash of cinnamon and 2 drops of Tabasco….add a
little water and a ton of ice and its an amazing filling protein shake and
before anyone blasts me I too have cancer and we need the protein and this
concoction tastes great!

Debbi Rutledge says:

Lenna, I want to share with you what I have learned through juicing as far
as the taste of the juices.I find that carrots and Pineapple are the best
things to give your juices the most desirable flavors .I add either or both
to all my juices I prepare here at home.My go to is fresh pineapple.Of
course you can use frozen also. I thought when I first started juicing that
I would never find the right combos of fruits and veggies. lol Until I
tried using the carrots and Pineapples. I also love a little garlic and
green Apples with my kale and pineapple of course for the flavoring. Of
course bananas are always good to use also 8) Good luck on this new Journey
you are going on with the juicing! 8) Sending positive thoughts and

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