Nutribullet/Ninja blending whole apple

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Nutribullet/Ninja blending whole appleTrying to blend whole apple.


tinkertonpink says:

Fucking annoying ass voices…

Kayla Mapar says:

this is so retarded *facepalm*

icyhotonmynuts says:

Is that English?

123classik says:

They’re speaking white boy Ebonics!!! Here are some future toothless moonshiners! Lol

tania108 says:

Ninja Master is so HORRIBLY LOUD!

brandonbodnar87 says:

Wow…that’s all i can say…i don’t think that was english…were u dropped on your heads as babies? would explain quite a bit….

shovad1 says:

i think he mistakenly used vodka instead of water

beta98beta says:

What language are they speaking?

Tom Grote says:

ANNOYING!!…I’m glad I’m not you.

cocteau14 says:

Listen to them, these kids are cognitively delayed (retarded). Seriously, why are they unsupervised? Where’s their caretakers?

ItsTheMudDuck says:

Are they wearing their helmets?

RayderRay44 says:

I actually feel dumber for watching this. Oh those poor parents.


That was so stupid. Can’t even understand a word you said. I almost bought a ninja master pro until I saw this video. Becareful what you advertising, because it made the product look stupid .
Ninja pro, you lost me as a customer because of these stupid kids. Can’t even blend an apple whole. Who the hell wants to drink all of that un blend apples?


The reason the Nutribullet didn’t work is cause you put too much water. Try less water. You just push the apple around in that much water. Terrible example.

Joshua Dudleston says:

I don’t remember being that silly as a kid but…. wait, yes I was. Anyways, this review was it actually deterred me from buying the nutribullet… so thanks for that.

Jose Feliciano says:

TARDS!!!! I can’t understand shit!!!!!!

XeNaloti037 says:

Lol kids havin fun w voices guys, nothin to it, makin fun of all of u out there lol

Amy Lu says:

it’s Dumb and Dumber…

stevejill91 says:

Is this the results of our educational system

VirusWire10 says:

aye jay they hatin on us but the jokes on them!

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