Making green drinks (juices/smoothies) with any appliance.

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Making green drinks (juices/smoothies) with any appliance.Which appliance should I buy when drinking my greens? Diana shows you the difference between a Vitamix ($500), A Nutripro Juicer ($199) and a Nutri Bullet ($…


DinNDee says:

the juicer and the vitamix were the same color green.

Rebecca Riordan says:

Welcome back!

capria30 says:

What did you do with the left over pulp from the juicer? It seems wasteful.
I have the Ninja and I like it. The chewy does not bother me.

Jessica Kafle says:

Are you being paid to do this? 

Showermewithflowers says:

I am sticking to my juicer it works best for me. Great video

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