All new Nutribullet Pro 900…and/or a Vitamix?

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All new Nutribullet Pro 900...and/or a Vitamix?PLEASE VISIT ME @WWW.BLENDINGWITHHENRY.COM Full review of the Nutribullet Pro 900. 25000RPM @ 900 Watts. Nutribullet Pro 900 is great for a supplemental mac…


sanskritmantra says:

thanks henry I agree with having both the vitamix and nutribullet I do I
live in the truck I drive as a long haul driver I have the vitamix vs 5200
I love it .. but for exactly the reason you said I love the nutribullet
because sometimes I have to spend a day or more in a motel while my truck
is in a shop for repairs it is far easier as you said to take the
nutribullet in yet when I take time off and spend a week in the motel I
take the vitamix that is my favorite by far..great video Namaste r

Tiana Miller says:

I missed ur videos it was great 

Kenya Whitworth says:

Vitamix is KING! Best $ I’ve ever spent.

TanishaLynneStyles says:

Very informative. Thanks. 

Monte Swapp says:

Love your vids Henry. What do you think of Blendtec machines? I would like
to see one in a comparison video with a Vitamix. 

minicg says:

Thanks for the video Henry! Just makes me more grateful for getting the
Vitamix. Happy new year to you too!

Flat Top says:

Henry is that the 5200 thats the one im leaning towards

frankie g says:

Another great review .The Vitamix is still the best. Vitamix should turn
around and create a similar product ,but with quality parts and a 7 year
warranty I’m told Costco will no longer carry the Blendtec ,once the
inventory is gone.That is why they are selling it pretty cheap.I heard too
many people were returning them .

BBLove NYC says:

Hi Henry, Welcome back you were missed by yours truly lol. I was wondering
could you do a review on Dessert Bullet and tell me what you think about
it. 🙂 Take care! 

D Baker says:

Great video Henry. I had the older model Nutribullet a year ago and it
just wasn’t for us. We sold it on Craigslist and will stick with the

Lea Ann Savage says:

Great Video Henry – you always do such a great job!

Amy Wong says:

Good to see your new video, Henry! Happy New Year. I can’t wait for a
warmer weather, I am so ready for some delicious smoothies. 

NanaT says:

Thanks for another detailed review :-)

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